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How a Reservation Call Center Boosts Bookings and ROI

Don't you just hate it when you try to call a business and the phone just rings and rings? Your prospective guests hate that, too. And every time your phone goes unanswered, you could be losing money.

Don't miss out on bookings by failing to provide phone support.

Are you losing money?

While statistics indicate that approximately 57 percent of travel bookings are handled over the internet, 43 percent of bookings are handled in some other way. Bookings by phone still hold appeal to a significant number of potential guests.

Perhaps this is due to the preference for human contact when handling customer service issues. In the vacation rental industry, potential guests often have questions that they want addressed before they commit to booking a vacation property. Unwilling or unable to find the information they want on your website, they may prefer to call to confirm details before actually finalizing a booking.

Every time your phone goes unanswered, you are losing money in at least two ways. Consider how much marketing money you are spending to prompt those guests to call to book your properties in the first place. That unanswered phone call causes prospective guests to go elsewhere, costing you a booking.

But for most vacation rental management companies, it is not feasible to hire in-house staff to answer the phones around the clock. So what can you do to prevent this situation from happening?

In an effort to save money, some companies turn to an answering service to catch any calls that occur outside of normal business hours. This type of service will answer a phone call, but cannot complete the reservation process with the caller. The most an answering service will do is take a message, but travelers want answers to their questions and an easy way to make a reservation by phone once they decide to book.

Travelers want to book right now, not tomorrow morning when you open again for business.

A vacation rental reservation call center provides the solution

Eliminate those lost bookings and the cost of an ineffective answering service right away when you outsource your after-hours calls and emails to the Kigo Contact Center.

Vacation rental management companies that leverage Kigo's reservation call center benefit from several key features, including:

  • Seven days a week coverage for after-hours calls and emails
  • Detailed reporting
  • Next-level email communication
  • Trained live agents who are professionally trained to turn inquiries into bookings
  • Multi-lingual language support in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Catalan to assist global travelers
  • Full integration with Kigo's reservation system to keep your booking calendars up-to-the-minute
  • Affordable price to fit your budget
  • Easy implementation that gets you up and running quickly

Let Kigo Contact Center handle your after-hours calls, emails, and bookings.

With a reservation call center, vacation rental property managers can deliver excellent customer service and take advantage of booking opportunities, without being tied to their phone 24/7. This saves valuable time that can be channeled toward other areas of the business, and increases profitability.

(Editor's note- we have updated and republished this article to benefit readers new to the Kigo blog.)

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