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Today in Vacay: Social Media Marketing and Souvenirs for Vacation Rental Guests

We created the Today in Vacay series to keep readers up-to-date on the rapidly changing trends and updates impacting the vacation rental space. This edition focuses on leveraging social media and capturing vacation memories for vacation rental guests.

Here’s what’s happening Today in Vacay:

InstaSales with Instagram

Instagram is a leading social media marketing platform for vacation rental properties. Highly visual and easy to read and digest, Instagram is a favorite tool for adventure seekers hunting for their next vacation idea. So, how can you use it to boost your business? Vacation Rental Pros suggests showcasing the home inside and out, along with the surrounding community. Include travel-related hashtags in your posts to make it easier for prospective vacation rental guests to find you. With the right vacation rental photography and messaging, you could be building your business in no time.

Pinterest is tiptop on tips

Pinterest is a gold mine for vacation rental management. You’re always looking for fresh tips to market your properties, not to mention the top tips around. Pinterest has them. Check it out and you’ll find tons of articles and infographics with titles like “5 Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out from the Crowd” and “11 Things You Need to Have in Your Airbnb Rental.” There are enough practical, proven tips there to power up your rental. Dive right in!

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Memories: Souvenir and sales tool

People take home lots of souvenirs from their vacations. The nicest are the priciest, right? Nope. Nothing beats a memory to celebrate a great vacation. So why not make it easy for your guests to take their favorite memories home? Vacationer Stephanie Rosenbloom did by finding the best online sites that would print, frame and send her vacation pictures straight to her home. You can do the same for your guests by offering a deal with one of these sites. Something like, “Book a one-week stay now, and we’ll print, frame and send your favorite vacation photo to your house FREE.” Framebridge will frame and deliver a 5”x5” Instagram photo starting at $39. A small expenditure for you is a priceless gift for vacation rental guests, and is a great way to drive repeat bookings. Of course, you’ll want your own delivery vehicle to get the message out there efficiently. For that, you need a great vacation rental management website. The latest version of the Kigo websites product is hosted on WordPress and offers advanced options for personalization, along with multilingual options.

Stay tuned for more vacation rental news updates from Today in Vacay!

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