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13 Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is one of the biggest selling points for vacation rentals over other types of accommodation. It appeals to everyone, from families and couples, to business travelers looking to relax in the fresh air. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space with any of your properties you may have wondered exactly what you can do to make it the true centerpiece of your property. Today we’re sharing 13 tips to make your garden into the reason guests fall in love with your property.

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    • Seating
      This is the simplest way to make your outdoor space seem appealing and inviting. Having seats for as many guests as your property holds is the first step in transforming your space into a reason to book your property over any others. A hammock or something similar will also give your garden a truly relaxing atmosphere
    • Dining
      Transform your garden into an effective new room of your property with an option to dine alfresco. A folding table will be all you need to offer this option.
    • Water Features
      The sound and sight of moving water are some of the most relaxing. A water feature will not only help transform your garden into an oasis, a well thought out and installed feature will add to the value of your property.
    • Well Kempt Lawn
      Overgrown grass will make your garden look untidy and give off a careless impression. Keep it well mowed as part of your maintenance schedule. If you mow it in alternate directions you can even create the stripes you see on a football pitch.
  • Rockery
    A well put together rockery is a quick and easy way to turn an outdoor space into a garden and somewhere for your guests to relax.
    • Plants
      Bursts of colour and fragrance are going to look great and will really sell your property in your photographs. A variety of flowers and plants will have a tremendous effect on converting potentially interested website visitors into confirmed guests.
    • Wildlife
      Few guests are going to want to have to look after your pet whilst they are on holiday or check the PH balance in your Koi pond but there are things you can do to attract natural wildlife into your garden or outdoor space. Bird feeders are a great place to start and combining this with a guide to the local wildlife that guests may be able to spot may just create a few enthusiasts.
    • Shade
      During hot summer months, it can be tempting to stay indoors with the air conditioning rather than braving the mad dogs and Englishmen out in the midday sun. An option for shade will be essential to turn your garden into an oasis for your guests.
    • Lighting
      Understated and minimal. The right lighting means that outdoor space can become a setting for evenings too. Spotlights and smaller, more sporadic lighting will produce a better effect than large burning bulbs.
    • Local Plants or Herbs
      Sipping a mojito with freshly grown mint from the garden is one use for outdoor space. Having local flora is a nice individual touch that you can add to your garden that will help to distinguish your property from any others.
    • Something for the Kids
      Having a garden that appear too ornamental or pristine might put off families. Remind them that your outdoor space is somewhere to enjoy as well as be admired. Having fun activities as well decorative scenery will be a big draw to families without putting off other travellers.
  • Terrace
    Unfortunately, this is not something that you can just grow, but if you have a terrace or a rooftop outdoor space, then a lot of these tips can still be applied. Plants, seats and dining facilities will be just, if not more, appealing in a rooftop setting.
    • Outdoor Cooking
      If you really want to take it to the next level why not invest in a wood fired pizza oven, or just a traditional coal barbeque? An addition that lets your guests cook outdoors will be a sure fire way to see an increase in bookings.

These are just some of the things you can do with your outdoor space or garden to maximise its potential. But, as with anything in the vacation rental industry, you have to show your guests! Make sure that every outdoor space is listed and shown in the best possible light with bright, high-quality photographs and inviting descriptions.

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