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How Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna Fulfills the Dreams of Vacation Rental Guests and Owners

Vincenzo Nardo defines his role as "making small dreams come true." A vacation rental property manager, he believes, is not only the master of his own destiny but someone who succeeds at helping others achieve those long-anticipated holidays.

He spends his days at Italy-based Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna not only sorting through work objectives but achieving personal goals that help him identify with others, understand their needs and be a reference point and create long-lasting relationships.

Yet Nardo, who started the company almost 11 years ago, hasn’t been able to do it all by himself. At least not to a point that he could enjoy his own dreams and passions, and spend time with his family.

Doing it all makes for long days and short nights

In the travel company’s infancy, Nardo did almost everything in his head when it came to managing bookings and the operations. For his portfolio of vacation homes serving the island of Sardinia on the west of the Italian Peninsula, there were growing pains that required extra attention.

Long days turned to short nights as Nardo spent much of his time on the phone talking to guests to ensure their dreams were realized. He decided it was time for Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna to adopt a vacation rental property management platform.

However, the first platform he chose didn’t provide as much relief as Nardo had hoped. Then he found Kigo Marketplace, the all-in-one platform that fully integrates the property management experience for managers and guests.

Suddenly, managing Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna’s growing list of 60 properties didn’t seem so difficult.

"Kigo has many solutions within its program, such as the Channel Manager, KOM, and the Guest Experience,” Nardo said, “but above all, the site was something that made me feel excited because this one changed the way I work completely.”

Guest Experience a ‘game-changer’ for Nardo

Kigo’s mobile Guest Experience has been a “game-changer” because now, he can communicate with guests in other ways than by phone to provide a seamless guest experience. The company is communicating better with guests than ever before, a core value of Kigo’s platform.

Guest Experience enables sending real-time notifications through instantaneous or scheduled push notification and email for reservations, providing customized information for each guest in one location and automating check-ins, check-outs, maintenance, and housekeeping.

In addition, guests can communicate with staff and report incidents around the clock, as well as give timely feedback.

“Thanks to the Guest Experience, I can send everything automatically. I have a lot of time to do other things - to organize the properties, to talk to the owners, to advertise my company, to organize my website that Kigo set up for me, to check if I am doing well with all the calendars. Therefore, it is something crucial,” said Nardo.

Time to imagine and fulfill aspirations

Visitors to the company’s website are greeted by a photo of a finely manicured estate overlooking the deep blue Mediterranean with the message, “even just a small ray of light is enough to illuminate the deepest darkness…”. From there, six of the company’s island destinations can be chosen.

Each destination has property listings complete with basic rental information and amenities, plus information about nearby attractions, views, home features and more. Guests can book their selection, pay and begin to dream about their stay on Sardinia.

As Nardo fulfills another fantasy, he can relax and think about some of his own – and enjoy life.

“Kigo gave me the time that I did not have anymore because it helped me get organized with its programs. I have more time that I can use for myself, my family, and my passions, which is everything in life.”

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