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KigoPay Enables ReMaHolidays to Make Time to Grow its Business

The mission of ReMaHolidays is to offer its guests a self-catering holiday on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. It’s only natural that the specialty vacation rental management company operates in similar fashion.

A big challenge for owner Matthew Mattocks is being in more than one place at the same time and finding new properties to offer guests from across the United Kingdom and Europe. With 27 properties on the island a few miles off the coast of Hampshire, taking care of travelers and owners requires some good time management. Mattocks needs for the day-to-day management and maintenance tasks to essentially run seamlessly and as automatically as possible.

“That is our biggest challenge, and the more time I can free up to be concentrating on those areas the better it will be for our business,” Mattocks said earlier this year at KigoWorld.

Mattocks entrusts Kigo to help enhance ReMaHolidays’ vacation rental portfolio.

A self-catering guest and property management experience

Mattocks believes the rental experience should be so fluid that clients can focus on the primary reason for being on the island – to relax and enjoy secluded retreats, festivals and adventures. The island has a rich heritage of attractions and breathtaking landscapes where guests can explore by bicycle or foot, or just lounge on a beach.

When they wake up and come home they shouldn’t have to worry about their accommodations. Guests should be able to enjoy the island at their pace.

ReMaHolidays manages a variety of properties, some of them pet friendly, all over the island and provides concierge services like filling the refrigerator with milk, bacon, sausage, eggs, bread and squash. Properties are locally owned and chosen by Matthews to conform to the company’s mission.

The only way he can grow doors is through seamless day-to-day property management that basically serves itself.

“My time is best spent finding new properties and new owners,” he said. “Once I have new properties the bookings generate themselves.”

“The Kigo platform has freed up my time.”

ReMaHolidays leaves payment worries to KigoPay

KigoPay has been a big plus for ReMaHolidays, Mattocks added. KigoPay is a proprietary payment solution in the Kigo Marketplace product suite that empowers verified property managers with state-of-the-art payments and real-time guest screening technology that ensures every booking is secure.

The platform processes multi-currency transactions quickly and safely from one centralized location, making it easier to monitor the flow of funds from different countries. Best of all, Mattocks watches the money flow into the business and he’s not spending time tracking payments or managing money from customers.

“I love KigoPay,” he said. “It runs similarly to our business. I don’t have to worry about anything. The money comes into my bank account, and it just works. That’s the bottom line. It just works. Seamless.”

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