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Relax with our smooth-running vacation rental reservation system.


Kigo’s vacation rental reservation software gives you visibility into all bookings and inquiries across multiple properties in your portfolio with just a few clicks.

A Booking Calendar that Saves Time

Provide customized information for each guest in one location and make arrival details visible when you want them to be.

Synchronized Calendars for Everyone

Kigo synchronizes all of your staff’s calendars on every platform from Outlook to iCal. With our multi-unit support system, you can update information across every site and never miss another greeting or cleaning again.

A Trusted and Easy eSignature

Forget waiting for snail mail, downloading software, or worrying about authenticity, all for a signature. Kigo’s bank-safe eSignature, powered by DocuSign®, is the safest and simplest way to send, sign, and securely store documents and rental agreements quickly and without hassle.

Results-Driven Email Marketing

You’re 7 times more likely to qualify a lead when you respond to a prospect in less than an hour. And Kigo makes it easy. You can automate email responses, update communications and build your brand using ready-made templates. You can also create customer profiles and integrate personal data from the Kigo system into your emails. It all adds up to more reservations.

Powerful Reporting

Save hours each month with easy, automated reporting on your vacation rentals. Kigo’s reporting helps you automatically settle owner accounts, send and save guest bills and seamlessly navigate payment history.

Save time, improve owner confidence and control costs.

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Kigo Vacation Rental Software Reviews

“I can sleep at night KNOWING that things got done”

Micah Berg, Vacation Rental Owner

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