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Kigo Vacation Rental Channel Manager

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What is Channel Manager?

A channel manager allows property managers to update their property details across all channels from one centralized dashboard. Avoid wasting time switching back-and-forth between different OTA platforms.

Kigo Vacation Rental Channel Manager helps short-term rental managers increase brand exposure, maximize bookings and grow revenue

Kigo Channel Manager Benefits:
  • Distribute your property data to online travel agencies (OTAs), sync your calendars, rates and availability with major OTAs
  • Keep calendars updated and synchronized wherever they appear
  • Keep rental rates competitive across portals
  • Consolidate all bookings into one platform
  • Maximize exposure and success on meaningful channels
  • Add flexible pricing rules
  • Fill the calendar gaps by automatically relaxing length-of-stay limits and adjust pricing to optimize occupancy

“The newer version of Channel Manager makes it far easier to update the pricing for the different channels and add different percentages based on the channel commission rates. This holistic view of what’s going on gives us better control of the channel strategies.”

Matthew Mattocks, ReMaHolidays

We Upgraded our Connections to our Channel Partner APIs

Pricing, availability and property listing content are now updated more frequently.


Airbnb Channel Manager

  • Develop and set a specific pricing/fee strategy
  • Configure fees to sync to the channel for optimum yield
  • Set the taxes specifically for Airbnb
  • Set specific length-of-stay price adjustments for Airbnb listings
  • Manage your Airbnb messages in the Kigo platform

HomeAway/Vrbo Channel Manager

  • Travelers receive the same consistent rate from search to checkout
  • Opportunity to increase booking completions because of price consistency
  • Safety Amenities are now available to sync with HomeAway/Vrbo
  • Set specific length-of-stay price adjustments for HomeAway/Vrbo listings Channel Manager

  • Kigo is now integrated with’s Content API – easily create and update photos, add rooms/rates and more
  • Rates & Availability integration allows PMs with properties already set up in to sync calendar availability to Kigo and fill in their rate plans with rates
  • Set specific length-of-stay price adjustments for
Kigo’s Vacation Rental Channel Manager gives you:
  • Increased bookings through customized settings, such as length of stay, rates and promotions, for each unique channel partner and their target audience
  • Streamlined accounting and synchronized calendars through one single platform
  • The ability to adjust quickly to market trends so your rates remain competitive across marketing channels, helping you earn more money
  • The power to protect your margins with itemized payment/cancellation policies, flexible commissions and optimized fees per channel

Vacation Rental Channel Partners

Here’s a list of some of our top Vacation Rental Channel Partners. Choose a vacation rental partner to learn more.

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