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Operations & Maintenance

Modernize your communication, monitoring and reporting

Kigo Operations Manager is a powerful component of Kigo Marketplace that allows property managers to focus on generating more bookings while helping organize the operations side of the business. Organize workflows, increase productivity, consolidate resources and grow your business without sacrificing your life balance.

The operations dashboard provides managers with a clear and complete overview of operations, allowing you to quickly and easily see your entire workload for the day. It simplifies everything from turn and maintenance scheduling to dispatch. It also allows you to monitor daily progress and communicate with your on-site staff in real time.

Relax. Kigo’s Flexible Technology Adapts to Your Vacation Rental Business

Manage more properties more efficiently. Kigo Operations Manager enables real-time mobile communications, makes it easy to stay connected with staff and monitors their daily work progress while eliminating burdensome, manual processes. Enable your team to access automatically scheduled tasks, report any critical details to management and utilize the convenience of their phones and mobile devices to improve their productivity.

Over time, the operations manager learns, adapts and automatically assigns turn and operations tasks for optimum efficiency. You won’t have to worry about neglected morning spreadsheets or unsecured unit information. And, you’ll save up to 20 hours per week!

Schedule and Organize Staff Schedules to meet the needs of your Guests

Kigo lets you organize all of your staff schedules and view each staff member’s tasks from one view. With our multi-unit support system, you can update information across every location and never miss another welcome event or housekeeping issue again.

Turn Housekeeping into a Differentiator with More Efficient Inspections

Inconsistent housekeeping standards can cause your business reputation to plummet. Make sure first-rate housekeeping standards are maintained and staff are held accountable with a streamlined inspections process. Kigo Marketplace provides checklists, monitoring, service requests and other capabilities that help your maintenance and housekeeping staff create a clean and memorable destination—every time—that guests will want to return to—and tell their friends about!

Move Up with Speed, Accuracy and Intelligence

The way you run your business can’t be left to intuition and chance. Your ability to manage expectations and make adjustments will determine the extent of your success. Kigo Operations Manager allows you to move with speed, accuracy and intelligence to make strategic decisions, day over day, month over month and year over year that are data driven and can accelerate your business growth.

Invest 30 minutes of your time and save 20 hours per week

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“What used to take me 6 hours a day, now takes only 6 minutes.”

Kristen Sake, RealJoy Vacations

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