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Treat Your Owners Like Your Guests with Kigo® Owner Experience

Kigo® Owner Experience

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Kigo Owner Experience Helps You Deliver Excellence Automatically

Kigo gives you more than just financial and reporting tools, our Owner Experience provides intuitive insights that are real-time and automated to provide your owners with details into cash flow, and bookings all while providing them with personal communication from within their own custom portal built for mobile and desktops.

Give Your Owners What They Want, When They Need It

Keeping your owners informed and connected can be even more time-consuming than managing guests! Kigo Owner Experience lets you give your owners the peace of mind they crave with an intuitive desktop and mobile application, so they can get a status on their properties anytime, anywhere to stay on top of the information they need for their business.

Easily share performance data to streamline and enhance communications with your owners. The complete set of reporting and financial tools make personalizing communications and sharing data a breeze because you can automate it. Now you can:

  • Quickly create multiple owner statements in bulk with one click
  • Provide automatic calculation of property management commissions and accounting adjustments like credit card fees, channels’ commissions and promotions
  • Control what each owner sees by choosing what information to display
  • Show forecasting for faster decision-making

Information Your Owners Want at Their Fingertips

Through the Kigo Owner Experience, your owners have direct access to the information they need in a format that’s easiest for you to manage. Cutting down on how often they ask for it and helping you avoid time-consuming explanations. Just set it up and let your owners:

  • Check property availability calendars
  • Request an owner stay or guest-of-owner stay
  • View current and past owner statements and service orders
  • Download their owner statement
  • Download additional documents, like contracts or pictures

It’s About Delivering a Complete Owner Experience

Only Kigo Owner Experience gives you the reporting and data view you need while allowing you to:

  • Provide your owners with a centralized communication point for everything
  • Give them all the insights they need
  • Make your owners feel involved while making it easy for you to manage them
  • Strengthen the confidence of your owners by providing high-level of transparency
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