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Phone Support

NOTE: Multilingual support is no longer available

Our support team is available by phone 9/5:

  • 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM CET (Central European Time)

  • 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

USA: 1-855-977-0843
Europe: +34 946 542572
[email protected]

Online Knowledge Center

An Online Knowledgebase and Documentation is available: Please ask if you need more information. And don’t forget to provide us with feedback on how we performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to support all abilities and ranges within our platform. However, please be aware that our most successful customer has 20-99 exclusively managed units with experience of back office solutions and traditional software for accounting and management. If you have any doubts about whether or not Kigo is right for you, you can speak to an Account Executive and get a no obligations free trial today.

Yes – There is a $1000 Setup/Implementation Fee that gives you access to an Implementation Consultant who will guide and assist you through the set up process, and optional Data Import services to help you import your properties into Kigo. The Implementation Consultant will work with you on a number of calls to ensure you are able to set up your account exactly as you need it, with the ultimate goal of connecting you to channels so you can begin to receive bookings and benefit from Kigo’s full suite of services.

Yes – you will need an account with the Channel Partners directly and then you will synchronize the connection through Kigo. Please be aware that every channel has a nuanced connection procedure and not all channels synchronize the same way. For a more detailed explanation please refer to our portal connections status document here.

Marketplace includes the following products to help run a professional online property management business:

  • Vacation Rental Software

  • Channel Manager

  • KigoPay Payment Processing

  • Operations Manager

  • Guest Experience

  • Websites

  • Insurance Damage waiver and Travelers insurance

An online booking is when the payment is processed through KigoPay, otherwise it is offline.

  • Premium Websites - $499 / €479 / £404 setup fees plus monthly subscription of $59 / €57 / £50

  • Kigo Revenue Management

  • Enterprise APIs

  • A minimum monthly fee of $199 / €191 / £161 is charged if the monthly fees are less.

Kigo Marketplace rates include payment processing fees that are subject to credit card associations and issuing banks. We will always look to accommodate customers with the best rate for their business profile. To find out what rates you may qualify for please contact the Kigo MarketPlace sales team.

  • PMCs are placed onto the Advance Pay or Check-in models based on an underwriting risk determination.

  • Advance Pay - payments are settled to the PMC bank account daily (close of business PST)

  • Check-in Funding - payments are not settled to the PMC until after the Guest checks into the property.

  • Online marketplace fees are withheld directly from each settlement.

  • All refunds are always settled daily.

Payments are always processed in the same currency as the settlement currency selected by the PMC: USD, GBP, or EUR.

On your Kigo website, property listings can be displayed in any international currency.

If the guest uses an international credit card, then Visa/MC will convert from the guest's currency to the PMC's payment currency and apply any currency exchange fees directly. There are no marketplace currency exchange fees because payments are always processed in the same currency in wich the PMC receives settlement.

  • This statement descriptor is specified by the PMC as part of the Acapture application


  • If space is available then add the location - ACP*Assured Rents London 442002898920

  • ACP*[Limit of 21 characters][Limit of 12 characters] - can contain letters, numbers, special characters

The descriptor's purpose is to help the Guest recognize the payment on their credit card statement. Easy recognition of the payments greatly helps reduce fraud and chargebacks.

Not in the US marketplace, but yes in the EU/UK marketplace. Kigo is the merchant for the US marketplace, so it has a "blanket" Amex account for use by all PMCs. This allows any PMC to accept AMEX and allows Kigo to negotiate volume discounts. In the EU/UK, each PMC must first apply for an AMEX account and provide Kigo their SE#.

No, payment cycles are assigned based on your company's risk profile.

A PMC that is Conditionally Approved can start processing payments immediately but will not receive any settlements until they submit further documentation to complete underwriting.

A PMC application that receives a Pending status cannot start processing payments and is on hold until further documentation is submitted to complete underwriting.

Kigo is currently supported in 5 languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Your country must have a payment processor that is supported from the following list to ensure you have the ability to take Online Bookings.

Yes – absolutely either fill out a demo request form here or call this number to have an Account Executive demonstrate the service and set you up with a 14 day trial for your own edification. Please be aware that you will not be able to take any live bookings in trial mode, this is simply a personal account with test data for you to experience the features and functionality.

The initial term of the Agreement is for 12 months, but customers can cancel anytime with no cancellation fees with 30-days written notice.

We offer year-round support in English 9 hours a day, 5 days a week:

  • 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM CET (Central European Time)

  • 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Contact Kigo Support at (855) 977-0843 / +34 946 542 572 or at [email protected]

  • Premium Site - $499 / €479 / £404 plus monthly subscription fee of $59 / €57 / £50

  • Checkout Only - $299 / €287 / £242 plus monthly subscription fee of $49 / €47 / £43

Large enterprise clients with their own websites, developers, and hosting services. To book online with KigoPay they must integrate Checkout into their own applications.

The starter site that comes with the marketplace bundle is only available in English. The premium site offers: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.

All other payment processing fees are built into the marketplace fee. There are no extra transaction fees, refund fees, gateway fees, or PCI compliance fees.

US PMCs are paid in USD and so must have a USD commercial bank account. EU/UK PMCs are paid in either EUR or GBP and must have a corresponding bank account.

  • Funds are settled weekly directly to the PMCs bank account.

  • The settlement consists of all cleared transactions from the previous week.

  • The payout amount will equal total payments less total refunds.

  • Marketplace fees are automatically taken out on the last settlement of each month.

EU/UK PMCs are required to maintain 5% of their payments on reserve at Acapture for 6 months to protect against financial loss. The 5% is withheld from each weekly settlement and returned to the PMC after 6 months on a rolling basis. The PMCs can apply to waive the reserve requirement with leadership approval.

Yes, we have options for clients outside the US, UK and EU that may require the use of a third party payment gateway.

No, currently the PMC can only have one settlement bank account. If a PMC needs to manage accounts by owner then we recommend using a single "payments clearing account" and then settle out to individual owner accounts.

  • If the PMC applied for an Acapture merchant account, the MCC is found in the merchant agreement.

  • For EU Marketplace customers (Acapture) the MCC is always 7011 - Hotels, Motels, and Resorts.

  • MCC indicates a risk category and dictates various rules and regulation the merchant falls under.

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover brand credit and debit cards are accepted.

Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX brand credit and debit cards are accepted. This includes various Visa/MC branded EU debit cards: Maestro, Visa Electron, V-Pay.

  • By default BDC does not collect the CVV code on the payment page and so the PMC must first configure this setting for each property within their BDC account.

  • BDC never collects the CVV code for AMEX cards. The PMC will always need to reach out to the Guest to collect the CVV and re-process the payment. Otherwise the PMC can disable AMEX on BDC.

  • 100% of the reservation due upfront

  • A percentage due up front to hold the reservation and then the balance due later (installments)

  • $0 due up front and then the total due nearing check-in (hotel model)

  • Existing Kigo customers that use Vacation Rent Payment (VRP) will be automatically approved for Advance Pay

  • PMCs with credit card processing volume (TPV) < $2M, credit history, and pass company verification and background checks (KYC) are automatically approved on Advance Pay

  • PMCs with credit card processing volume (TPV) > $2M (or TPV < $2M and limited credit history) are Conditionally Approved

  • Require the guest to purchase a non-refundable Damage Waiver policy,

  • or you can add the security deposit amount to the reservation payment and then refund the security deposit upon check out. There are no online or offline booking fees that apply to security deposits that are refunded.

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