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Beauty and Brains: Why Your Vacation Rental Website Needs Both

In the vacation rental business, websites play an outsize role. Consider this: people are betting their precious holidays, often with families, on properties they have never seen before. When you book at a Marriott, there’s a certain expectation of consistency. But when you’re renting someone’s second home, what’s shown and said on the vacation rental website is the only information you have to make your decision. And even if it looks and sounds great, is it trustworthy?

Your website is your face to the public. A customer’s impression of your business is almost entirely based on the image projected by, and interactions that take place on, your website – and you’re trying to build a strong brand.

Stand out from the crowd

In short, your vacation rental website must enable a wonderful customer experience. Prospective guests need to feel impressed, comfortable and confident enough to bet their vacation on you. Then, they need to experience a smooth and easy booking process. Remember, you want them to re-book with you often – and tell their friends about you.

Then there’s the functionality of your website: how does it make your life easier as a VRM? That’s the “brains” part that complements the aesthetic aspects, enabling your website to act as marketer, sales staff, reservation team, even accounts receivable – saving you time for profit-building activities and customer service.

How a Kigo vacation rental website works for you

Kigo, as you know, is focused solely on vacation rentals. Day in and day out, we’re committed to helping VRMs like you grow their businesses and make more money, and websites are a key component of this effort. That’s why we intensely study what makes a great website that both rakes in bookings (the beauty) and makes your job easier (the brains). Then, we build these features into our websites, so you don’t have to figure out all the ins and outs yourself.

Here are some of the advantages of Kigo websites:

  • Accessible and functional on mobile devices (critical these days!)
  • SEO-optimized, so people find you easier on the Internet
  • Support Kigo Channel Manager and over 30 vacation rental listing portals
  • Work seamlessly with Kigo’s reservation system
  • Offer a simple 3-click booking process
  • Support up to seven languages
  • Offer easy guest payment options
  • Highlight featured properties and special offers
  • Feature cross-selling options for alternate properties (so customers don’t go elsewhere)
  • Allow map search, allowing guests to view exact property locations

The set-up and maintenance of a Word Press-based Kigo website are super simple (after all, we know you’re a VRM, not a programmer), and a dashboard allows fast, easy updates and content changes. We’ve engineered these websites to be beautiful, elegant and easy for visitors, while being super-functional for you – without demanding special computer skills. (Of course, we’re here to help if you need us.)

Learn more about Kigo vacation rental websites, and put one to work for your business!

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