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Kigo and YapStone: Innovating Together for the Vacation Rental Industry

Innovation doesn't just happen. The four corners of a better way are built on commitment, partnership, communication and creativity. None of which can singularly drive advancement and be done overnight.

That’s never more spot on in the vacation rental payments arena. This is the cornerstone of a vacation rental industry that each day is subject to potentially damaging activity that threatens consumer trust. State-of-the-art payments and real-time guest screening technology that ensures every booking is secure is a must. So is a platform that keeps in pace with the rapid growth rate of the market.

When looking for a best-in-class integrated payment solution, Kigo wanted a partner that could deliver a platform vacation rental owners, managers and travelers could trust. The prerequisite also included a seamless process so companies could focus on other important aspects of the vacation rental business.

Forging a bond to create innovative payment options

Kigo found a trusted partner in YapStone, an online and mobile payment solutions provider for global marketplaces, software and large vertical markets. Together, they realized a common bond through meeting commitments, discovery of innovative options and a clear understanding of the objective.

“A partner should not only provide you with a valuable service, but should enhance your team and provide new ideas that help you innovate,” said Matthew Hoffman, Head of Short-Term Rentals at Kigo.

Once Kigo found a match for its proprietary payment solution, KigoPay, the innovation didn’t stop there. The companies continue to work closely to better the vacation rental payment experience and drive revenue for clients in the vacation rental industry.

Delivering a superior online booking experience through easy payments

Kigo and YapStone regularly connect their teams of developers, operational specialists and marketing professionals to ensure timely and successful discussions and releases of technologies and enhancements. Brainstorming for innovative operational and business methods is facilitated through regular in-person meetings.

Information and ideas are shared freely to spur new concepts and ways to improve the global vacation market.

“Partnering with YapStone helps us implement new and unique business models,” said Hoffman.

Powered by YapStone, KigoPay processes multi-currency transactions quickly and safely from one centralized location to simplify monitoring the flow of funds from different countries. By delivering a superior online booking experience with an easy-payment workflow, including localizing the payment experience, Kigo has become a preferred option for vacation rental companies.

KigoWorld '19: Showcasing an integrated vacation rental payments experience

YapStone is a sponsor of April’s KigoWorld, which will showcase how to adopt the most secure online payment processing technologies. In "How Important is an Integrated End-to-End Payments Experience?", YapStone CRO Kurt Bilafer and Kigo SVP of Sales Jack Webber will deliver the top ten reasons to choose an integrated payments solution.

Taking place April 1-3 in Barcelona, Spain, KigoWorld will offer a range of educational sessions along with peer-to-peer networking and expert panels sharing industry trends. Other notable sponsors include HomeAway, Airbnb,, Abodeca, Key Data and Rental Guardian.

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