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Travel Industry Survey – Guests Prefer Professional Management

A recent Kelton Group survey of vacation rental owners and travelers who book vacation rentals reveals both groups overwhelmingly prefer to deal with professional property management companies. Consider these statistics regarding owner preferences from owners who have rented on their own as well as through a property management company:

  • 88 percent of owners who rent on their own dread one or more aspects of managing their own properties.
  • 71 percent believe that property management companies are more effective at attracting renters.
  • Owners save, on average, 4 hours on every booking made through a property management company.

These statistics well illustrate why owners prefer to turn over their rental property management to pros. But why do travelers prefer pros? Regarding the same survey, VRMIntel lists these telling statistics about traveler preference:

  • 99 percent of travelers had a positive experience the last time they rented from a property management company.
  • 68 percent prefer to rent from a property management company.
  • Guests who have experience with both ways are 2.5 times more likely to feel extremely confident in the safety of a home rented through a management company than directly from the owner.

Building on Traveler Preference with Great Vacation Rental Booking Software

What can you do to leverage traveler preference for professional vacation rental management companies even more? The answer is simple.

Make the guest experience even better with great reservation booking software.

Our reservation manager makes guest booking a breeze, whether a traveler comes to your site or accesses your listings from a listing partner. With website booking software, easy-to-read availability calendars and even inquiry management and e-mail automation tools, you can manage all your vacation rental reservations in one place with the Kigo vacation rental reservation system.

Vacation rental home owners prefer to deal with professional property management companies.

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