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5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO is difficult. It can take months to implement successfully. The results can be hard to measure and even when you think you have everything together, the algorithms and criteria are liable to change at any time. So, alongside traditional SEO efforts and organic search optimization, using Google Adwords and pay per click advertising is a way for smaller businesses like vacation rental companies to get on that all important first page of Google.


For those of you not familiar with Google Adwords or pay per click advertising the basic premise is: You select the exact keywords that you want and your advert will be displayed alongside those organic search results. You only pay once the customer clicks on your link. The more popular the keywords you choose, the more you will have to pay for each click. You then set a total budget for what you want to spend, once this has been used up your advert will no longer appear for these keywords.

In this blog, we’re going to demonstrate the advantages of using Google Adwords and pay per click advertising to promote your vacation rental business. These 5 tips will help you see the benefit of using Google AdWords to promote your vacation rental business.

Set your adverts to reach people in specific locations. This can be useful for reaching new markets in new countries or reaching more local people to offer a last minute promotion. You can also make sure that your adverts are not being wasted on uninterested markets, or people that don’t generally speak the language of your website.

Check, Measure and Re-calibrate
As soon as your adverts are live, you can check the results and the impact they are having. This is especially useful when you are advertising against a range of keywords. For example, if you see that the most expensive keyword you chose is not bringing in as many clicks as a more specific, cheaper phrase then you can remove this from your strategy and try out other phrases at a relatively low cost.

Test your Keywords
against your customer clicks and use this information for your organic search efforts. Once you have got some information about the words and phrases that people are searching for and clicking your site, you can use this to boost your organic search ranking and aid your content marketing. Take your most effective keyword and create a blog post around this topic, make sure it is in your page titles and the meta description of your pages. If you search for a popular topic, you will see that large companies occupy the top position in the paid advertising section and the organic search results. This is the holy grail for SEO and it is possible for smaller vacation rental businesses to achieve with the right strategy.

Only Reach Interested Customers
You only pay for the clicks that your adverts get. You only pay to reach people that are interested in your business and your service. If your campaign is not working and no-one clicks your advert then you lose nothing. You can try a new approach and only start eating into your marketing budget once your AdWords campaign starts to brook results.

Stop and Start at any Time and Use Time-Specific Promotions
If you have a limited budget, or just want to test the service then you can use it for just a brief period, check your results and then decide if you want to continue. You can also control the price and your maximum expenditure meaning that you can set exact budgets for your marketing and stay within.

Whilst AdWords can bring you plenty of new leads, using it is not without its risks. If you are not familiar with using it, make sure you set low limits for your maximum budget for your initial campaigns. It can take a period of trial and error to find the exact combination of keywords that work for your business and if you do not set limits it could be a costly mistake.

Using paid advertising won’t interfere with your organic SEO efforts, it will help. You don’t have to make a choice between the two. Using Google Adwords does that mean that you will have to speculate some of your budget on your advertising, but it is one of the few options that will give you a guaranteed number of results for your initial outlay.

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