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Kigo Receives VRMB Keystone Award

Kigo is getting a lot of love this summer. We've been honored to receive several industry and customer-focused acknowledgments, most recently a Keystone Award from Vacation Rental Marketing Blog. VRMB averages 20,000 visitors per month and has a membership of 800 property management professionals.

Kigo received the award in the vacation rental management software category for 50+ Properties Based in Europe, and VRMB touts Kigo as “simply the best software for growing property managers in Europe.”

“It is by far the strongest software we’ve found in Europe, very few weaknesses,” said Terry Whyte, Keystone Award director and among those who helped beta test the tool. “It’s a great software. Kigo is a fantastic software and by far the strongest.”

What are the VRMB Keystone Awards?

VRMB Keystone Awards 2019 were created by vacation rental authority Matt Landau to recognize the most frequently suggested booking platforms in the industry. Landau said the name was developed based on the architectural term for a wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch bridge that locks other pieces in place.

“We believe this is the perfect metaphor for the right property management software in the vacation rental management business,” he said.

The top choices were determined based on data from more than 100 hours of demos and 750-plus completions of VRMB’s PMS Selector Tool, as well as user feedback. The Selector Tool, released by VRMB Labs, assists in software selection based on an internal review process.

The awards evolved from a VRMB market research project to match property managers with the best-fit software solutions. The 25 most important features of a property management booking system were first defined, and demos were performed by a team to arrive at the top 20 software platforms for each feature.

Ratings were compiled in a matrix and Qualtrics matched the right property management system based on the user’s priorities. Email suggestions were reviewed and reports pulled to identify the most frequent matches across 750-plus completions.

Most of the data was received from North America and Europe.

The overwhelming top match for property managers in Europe

It was hard not to recognize companies that were suggested most frequently during the process, Landau said. A featured speaker at KigoWorld, he wasn’t surprised that Kigo ranked top in its category.

“Kigo, for instance, was the overwhelming top match for property managers in Europe,” Landau said. “We've always sensed that Kigo occupied this position, but it was really cool to see that quantified by hard data.”

Kigo was suggested over Vreasy and Guesty.

Whyte said Kigo stood out from the competition because of strengths with channel management, customized rates, owner/guest portal, work orders, and the interface.

“Unequivocally, the strongest software we've found in Europe,” he said.

Kigo has worked to create exceptional experiences for vacation rental managers and guests with its all-in-one platform that simplifies finding and booking the right destination. The solution helps maximize revenue, reduce operational costs, streamline the guest experience and automate business practices.

Kigo Channel Manager distributes property data to online vacation travel agencies and syncs with the user’s calendar and external listings. Also, Kigo automatically boosts rankings by maintaining fresh rates, calendars, and property data to the channel partners that matter.

In addition, Kigo’s channel-centric strategy focuses on quality, not quantity, which allows properties to increase performance, maximize revenue, minimize expenses and mitigate risks.

What others are saying about Kigo

Customers are also speaking out about Kigo. Specifically, they value the ease of the all-in-one platform.

“Kigo allows you to use a single platform to unify all the processes from marketing to house descriptions, the app,” said Patricia Lopez of Galicia Holiday. “What I find very useful is the guest experience app and the owner experience one.”

“We've grown very organically, and in the process and through Kigo we also had the technical possibility of streamlining our processes,” said Leonid Boiko of GreatStay.

“I was able to be more productive in what I was already doing, increasing the number of sites managed, and this certainly had a positive impact. It brought more sales channels and so more chances to make a sale, and ultimately more sales,” said Grazia Pappalardo of EasyWelcome

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