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Vacation Rental Software: Is It Time to Trade Up?

Is it time to implement vacation rental software, or can your management company grow without it?

While the vacation rental industry has historically been slow to adopt new technology, the need to do so is more evident now than ever before.

Is it time to implement vacation rental management software?

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If you evaluate your options honestly, you will likely recognize that new technology solutions can provide the tools you need for future growth. If that is the case, why are so many property managers hesitant to make a change?

The Human Factor: Why People Resist Change

Change is difficult. Why? Consider some common reasons for resistance to change—are any of these ideas holding you back from leveraging better technology for your organization?

1) "I don't have the time."

Time is a precious commodity for vacation rental property managers. Inherently, vacation rental management (VRM) is a dynamic business, and managers often work extended hours.

Implementing a new software system is perceived as a very time-intensive pursuit, and many fear that the process will interrupt business practices. The key is to ensure that the time investment to implement the system results in future growth.

2) "But, it has always been done this way."

Realistically, it only makes sense to upgrade to a new VRMS if it will streamline processes and increase ROI. Change merely for the sake of change is needlessly disruptive. However, if your current processes are not meeting your business needs and guest expectations, avoiding change can spell disaster for your business.

3) "Change makes me nervous."

Anxiety about learning how to use a new system is a reasonable concern. However, choosing your vacation rental management software wisely can go a long way toward eliminating worry. A good VRMS vendor will let you test-drive the system to familiarize yourself with its interface and check out your comfort level with its usability.

When all is said and done, the truth of the matter is that sustainable growth requires a willingness to adapt and change. When you decide to implement a new software system, what are the top features to evaluate?

Compare Vacation Rental Software - How to Choose a VRMS

VRMB's "Successfully Navigating Technology in the Modern Vacation Rental Era" mentions a number of software features essential to the modern vacation rental property manager. The article notes:

"The defining moment for vacation rental business owners big and small will be the self-realization that technology enablement is not optional - it is now a requirement for future success."

Here, then, are some items to consider when choosing a VRMS:

Vacation Rental Sofware Should Save You Time:

A good portion of your work week is likely spent on operational matters, such as scheduling routine maintenance, post-guest cleaning, and inspections. A good VRMS helps you streamline those processes, saving a significant amount of time that can be spent on revenue-generating activities instead.

Kigo's VRMS does just that. From a centralized dashboard, you can see at a glance what tasks need to be performed and what is happening with each of your properties in real-time.

Does it work? Sally Dyer, of, gave this review of Kigo:

"Kigo has transformed our business. Without a doubt, it has changed the whole manner in which we operate for the better, making the whole workflow process much more efficient. It just works! Which is exactly what any piece of software should do."

The Guest Experience Should Be Enhanced:

Another important consideration is whether your new VRMS will actually enhance the guest experience, particularly related to the booking process.

For instance, recently reported that 51.8 percent of travelers book their trips using a mobile device. Your VRMS should make it easy for guests to book via any mobile device they choose.

In addition to a robust booking software solution, Kigo's website designs are built with mobile in mind and come in a variety of different price ranges to accommodate your budget.

VRMS Should Support Multi-Channel Marketing:

Successful vacation rental property managers typically list their properties with several third-party listing portals such as, Airbnb, HomeAway, and more. Kigo's channel manager handles listings across more than 35 listing portals, seamlessly managing your booking calendar to ensure no double bookings take place.

Vacation Rental Software Should Save You Money:

Ideally, a good VRMS will more than pay for itself in terms of increased bookings and revenue growth. Kigo's revenue or yield manager utilizes dynamic pricing to optimize your earnings for every booking across every listing portal site you use.

Whether you are using vacation rental management software for the first time or switching from another provider, ensure that your new VRMS offers adequate support not only at implementation but as your business continues to evolve and grow.

Kigo's support team is always available when help is needed. Alain Sirgue, of LinkBCN, says of Kigo:

"Customer service and support are very efficient, always have someone to assist me in my requests. I strongly recommend this system, software, and company."

Are You Ready to Trade Up to Vacation Rental Software?

Why wait any longer? Simply schedule your no-obligation, web-based demo at your convenience and see what Kigo can do for you.

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