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Kigo Marketplace: The Power of One

The vacation rental management game is changing.

Industry professionals have a common goal: stimulate business growth. The solution? Streamlining processes and delivering the best booking experience possible for guests, to achieve the biggest returns possible.

But for most, that hasn’t been easy. Vacation rental property managers typically juggle multiple tasks through multiple systems, creating nonconformity in the booking experience as well as cost confusion, lost hours spent reconciling expenses, chargeback risks and other issues.

“Working with several providers adds a lot of complexity to the way you operate,” says Kigo Sales Director Ben McGee.

Kigo Marketplace - The Power of One

Easing the burden by streamlining processes

Kigo delivers an all-in-one platform that streamlines processes and improves guest experiences to help drive better returns. It’s been a big topic at recent industry events, McGee said.

“It’s about reducing the number of companies that you work with and focusing on growing your business by having one provider that gives you all the technologies rather than several providers from several companies,” he said. “Vacation rental management professionals can reduce technology debt by working with a single source provider. It’s the way of doing business rather than trying to achieve similar goals by manipulating several different things that compete for mind-share.”

Kigo Marketplace is a comprehensive solution that makes it possible for vacation rental management businesses to thrive in the global market. A complete suite of products - which automate and simplify sophisticated, operational and hospitality-centric challenges facing the vacation rental ecosystem - provides more time for what matters most and less time on operations. Users now have more control over expenses, problem solving and providing a high-quality guest experience.

Here are just some of Kigo Marketplace’s features:

Reservations and Bookings - Kigo’s vacation rental reservation software quickly provides visibility into all bookings and inquiries across multiple properties in a portfolio. Managers and owners are seven times more likely to qualify a lead when responding to a prospect in less than an hour. Kigo makes it even easier to make contact and convert conversation into bookings with automated email responses, communication updates that enhance branding through ready-made template, and by creating customer profiles and integrating personal data into email.

Channel Manager - Kigo Channel Manager is the channel hub of Kigo Marketplace, integrating with more than 30 vacation rental listing portals that serve millions of travelers worldwide. These channels serve both general and niche markets, allowing reach to guests in countries around the globe and from several interest groups. Kigo Channel Manager helps increase your overall bookings by: Keeping calendars updated and synchronized across third-party websites and portals; merging and managing online bookings and inquiries in one universal reservation system; maximizing property exposure in the largest marketplaces in the world; standardizing property content, photos, amenities, rates and availability across multiple channel partners; and maintaining competitive rental rate across all portals.

KigoPayKigoPay enables processing credit card payments from guests around the world, as well as create a custom payments experience with Kigo Checkout. Kigo Checkout is optimized for mobile responsiveness to produce quick conversions. By safely securing guest card details, it further simplifies the payment process by offering one-click payment options. Also, Kigo payment processing services are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Date Security Standard) compliant with bank-level encryption that protects all financial transaction data with “tokenization”− a universally accepted method for bolstering fraud protection and reducing monetary security risks.

Operations Manager – With Operations Manager, operations move with speed. The solution emphasizes accuracy and intelligence, and focuses on the details. Organizing staff schedules and capturing each staff member’s tasks in one view leads to more efficiency in housekeeping, maintenance and inspections. Checklists, monitoring, service requests and other capabilities help staff create a clean and memorable destination every time for guests.

Guest Experience – With the Kigo Guest Experience, vacation rental managers can send greetings, travel details, updates and more with a mobile portal that’s convenient and secure for guests. It also offers managers the ability to upsell, extend stays and provide first-rate online hospitality. Kigo’s bank-safe eSignature is safe and secure, allowing users to send, sign and securely store documents and rental agreements.

Insurance – Kigo Marketplace Insurance enables property managers to achieve higher conversion rates, access more products and generate more income than ever before. Property managers also earn referral fees for each insurance policy issued. Kigo insurance protects travelers’ vacation investment and providing property managers access to multiple protection products from best-of-breed underwriters.

Websites - Kigo vacation rental websites provide a comprehensive marketing and booking system far beyond most websites. The website is a brand foundation that gives guests the extraordinary experience they expect and the business growth and success vacation rental managers deserve.

Kigo Marketplace provides verified vacation rental management businesses with a complete suite of products, which automate and simplify sophisticated, operational and hospitality-centric challenges facing the short-term rental ecosystem.

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