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Creating Consistency and Standardization with Vacation Rental Operations Management

The uniqueness of vacation rentals is one of their key differentiators from hotels. vacation rentals don’t come from a cookie-cutter mold, and each property has a flair of its own. Yet, while guests don’t seek uniformity, they do expect consistency. Just because one property doesn’t look the same as the next one doesn’t mean that property management standards and practices should differ. Your guests will be the first to notice if they do.

And, if operational procedures aren’t streamlined so that the guest experience is consistent and standardized, management becomes time consuming and expensive, ultimately hindering growth.

With a standardized and seamless inspection process, the vacation rental management company can make sure that the guest will get the best stay while making the staff accountable for its work.

Eliminating that overwhelmed feeling in operations

Part of Kigo Marketplace, Kigo Operations Management software streamlines the muscle of property management with robust staff scheduling and communication. Post-guest cleaning, preventative maintenance tasks, inspections and any other duties are assigned with just a few clicks.

Kigo Operations Management supports multiple users (each employee can create his or her own account) and a field app and responsive website enables communication with site staff. Over time, the platform’s operations manager learns, adapts and automatically assigns unit-turn and operations tasks for optimum efficiency. The software is proven to save 20 hours a week in labor.

“If you're working overtime just to keep up and feel overwhelmed, you need Kigo Operations Management,” said RealJoy Vacations CEO and Founder Micah Berg. “Kigo Operations Management solved all of our turn scheduling problems, helped our staff get rid of paperwork and helped us stop forgetting important tasks in units.”

RealJoy Vacations was able to efficiently scale its operation in the last four years without placing a burden on managing day-to-day business. The Destin, Florida based vacation rental management company has grown from 150 units to more than 400 while adding only one property manager.

The company’s cleaning and inspection teams increased while depending on fewer managers. At the same time, RealJoy Vacations reduced workload and boosted quality and retention of property owners and staff.

And it didn’t take long to realize the benefits.

Saving valuable staff and management time

“We implemented 30 days before our peak season started and it immediately saved us time and money,” Berg said. “We had the most profitable year ever immediately after implementation.”

Berg added that Kigo Operations Management is “saving nearly half a day per person at the manager level and a good couple of hours at the staff level per day.”

Staying connected with staff and automatically monitoring daily work progress is easy with Kigo Operations Management’s real-time mobile communications feature. Staff can access schedules and report any critical details affecting the status or shape of the property using their mobile devices.

It’s one way that Kigo is helping property managers achieve their goals of delivering a high-quality guest experience, generate repeat business and stand out from the competition.

A critical tool in the mission to improve consistency, standardization

Without such a tool, vacation rental management companies are left susceptible to unexpected circumstances. Cleaning up a mess left by partygoers or replacing a shattered television with a new guest arriving in just 24 hours is nearly impossible if the right processes aren’t in place to respond. The Kigo Operations Management mobile app allows onsite staff to immediately provide real-time feedback, report issues and add comments, notes and pictures so management can react swiftly.

Consistency and standardization in housekeeping is an ongoing effort in the vacation rental industry.

Today, technology is making that effort easier. Learn how Kigo vacation rental software can make a difference.

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