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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon of Vacation Rental Management

What is "crouching tiger, hidden dragon", and what lessons from ancient Chinese wisdom can be applied to vacation rental management?

The popular movie title, "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" is a literal translation of a Chinese idiom meaning a place or situation full of unseen masters.

The phrase comes from an ancient Chinese poem by Yu Xin, which reads:

"Behind the rock in the dark probably hides a tiger, and the coiling giant root resembles a crouching dragon."

crouching tiger hidden dragon

Unseen Masters of Vacation Rental Management

Do these daily, repetitive property management tasks rule your time, effort, and resources?

  • Manual data entry into spreadsheets
  • Formatting owner reports
  • Printing and mailing rental agreements
  • Tracking down guest payments
  • Responding to availability inquiries
  • Sending follow-up correspondence and thank you notes
  • Updating property listings on vacation rental listing sites

While you may be comfortable with spreadsheets and paper files, you need the efficiency and automation of vacation rental software or you will always serve these hidden masters.

Vacation Rental Software Helps You Serve the Real Masters

Property owners and guests are the yin and yang of vacation rental management, and both must be served. With Kigo vacation rental management software, serving both property owners and guests is easier. By making owner reporting a breeze and providing robust guest management features, Kigo simplifies vacation rental management.

Exactly how does Kigo help? Consider the following 4 ways:

1) Kigo makes owner reporting simple

You may spend countless hours keeping track of all the payments and expenses for your owners just to figure out what you need to pay each owner at the end of the month or to determine the profitability of each of your vacation rental units.

With Kigo's owner reports, that ceases to be a problem. Kigo calculates what needs to be paid to each owner, meaning that you never have to worry again about settling owner accounts.

2) Kigo provides tools to enhance the guest experience

With Kigo tools, you can manage the guest experience from start to finish to build true relationships with your guests and keep them coming back year after year. Some of Kigo's tools to do that are:

3) Kigo vacation rental booking software provides protection for your properties

Because Kigo booking software makes it easy to communicate with guests, it provides protection for your properties.

As part of your booking process, you can include your policies and house rules as well as a prompt for your guest to purchase insurance to protect properties from minor damage.

With features like inquiry management, reservation management, and booking calendars, property managers can automate communications while saving time and help protect rental property from damage caused by guests.

4) Vacation rental management training, advice, and resources

Whether it is marketing advice for vacation rental property management companies or tips on how to improve properties for guests, the Kigo blog has you covered. Want examples? Here are a few of our recent blogs to get you started:

Vacation rental property managers always serve two masters - owners and guests. But you can make your life easier by using the power of Kigo vacation rental software to improve your efficiency, automate many of your processes, and save time, effort, and money.

Ready to Tame the Hidden Tigers and Crouching Dragons of Vacation Rental Management?

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