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4 Tools To Enhance The Guest Experience

How A Property Management System Improves the Guest Experience

At Kigo, we can get wrapped up making things easier for property managers. It can be easy to forget that the role of an exceptional software is also to make sure that every guest has the best stay possible, too. Making things easier for you as the manager helps you provide the best quality stay for every single guest. For many property managers, more of their time is spent on their guests during their stay rather than the management of their reservations and bookings. It can seem as if you have to choose between running an efficient and lean business and providing world-class customer service. Luckily, this isn't the case.

In this blog, we’re going to run through the ways in which you can use Kigo’s tools to save time and enhance the guest experience in every single property.


One of the first things you can do is to automate Information emails to provide your guests with all the information they require about their booking without them having to contact you. This also means that you can provide attentive and dedicated service to every guest without adding to your daily workload. These can also include check up emails to make sure that your guests have no problems or questions during their stay. Part of providing great service is making sure that the onus is not on your guests to have to contact you if there is something wrong. Memorable and exceptional service preempts any problems and goes above and beyond what your guests would expect.

The next tool that makes it easier to focus on your guests is Kigo eSignature. eSignature allows you to send secure rental agreements. Reducing delays in the booking process for your guests without having to endure the hassle of printing, signing, and sending of documents. Having a rental agreement gives your guests the reassurance that their booking, and the money they have paid is safe and secure. It also gives you the insurance of having set and signed rules and clauses for all your guests so you can relax as the property manager that any damages or problems with your property will be covered.

Another tool Kigo offers to enhance your guest experience is Revenue Management - You give every guest a fairer deal. If your demand is low, you pass this reduction in value of your product onto your guests and you still take bookings that would otherwise may have slipped past you. Revenue management applies these prices across all your properties and gives guests a chance to book your property for a lower price than usual. And, as this is based on the demand for your properties these lower prices will actually add to your overall revenue as these nights may otherwise go unbooked.

Part of being able to concentrate on your guests and your service is simply having the time to do so. Schedule maintenance and cleanings so an appointment is never missed. Your properties will always be perfectly cleaned with every appliance in full working order. These scheduled tasks can then be sent directly to your staff, even through third party email clients. Your check-ins, handovers and cleaning will all be controlled like a disciplined army. The first step to having satisfied guests is to provide a well-cleaned property that is just as the images portrayed. These are things that guests don’t even think about, it is just a given. But, for property managers it can be their most time-consuming task. By having an automated system, you can make sure that these tasks are consistently taken care of without constant planning, organisation and delegation.

All of these tools are designed to give you more time and more resources to focus on your guests during their stay. By having time saved on every booking, and more bookings coming in, you are in a far better position to provide the kind of personal service and ‘above and beyond’ approach that people look for when booking a vacation rental property.

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