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Luxury Travel Expert Interview Suze of Luxury Columnist

Suze Renner is the Founder and Managing Editor of Luxury Columnist, one of the top 3 UK luxury blogs, which boasts over 74,000 social media followers. We caught up with Suze recently to hear her thoughts on luxury travel, and also learned about a couple of secret vacation spots.

Why did you decide to start a luxury travel blog?

I used to source venues for corporate events and discovered so many fantastic places that I wanted to share with others.

There are lots of beautiful photos on your blog. Do you have any photography tips for people who want to take better vacation pictures?

Try to take photos in the morning or early evening, which is known as the golden hour. The sun will usually be too strong at midday. If you do take a photo at that time, avoid shooting directly into the sun. Get close to the ground to capture animals, flowers, or other low objects.

When deciding whether to showcase a particular restaurant on your blog, what qualities and traits do you look for?

Whether it's a Michelin-starred restaurant or a casual local eatery, I always look for a restaurant with high-quality ingredients and a real passion for cooking.

You also refer to "hidden gems" that can be found at certain travel destinations. Could you share one or two of these hidden gems with us?

There are so many! For example, in London there's a secret park within Regent's Park that even most locals don't know about. In Paris, there are many historic arcades, known as passages, that are well worth a look.

Tell us about a luxury travel destination that many people may not know about.

Tanzania is one of the most incredible luxury destinations that I have visited. It's very laid back, but you'll see some incredible wildlife, the food is amazing, and the people are charming.

What travel-related destinations or activities are still on your "bucket list?"

The list is as long as my arm! Costa Rica is high on my list, as are Australia and New Zealand.

When evaluating whether to stay at a vacation rental property, what aspects of the property are important to you?

Cleanliness is the most important factor to me, followed by a convenient location and outdoor space. So an unclean property would definitely be a deal-breaker for me!

What steps can vacation property owners take in order to improve the "luxury factor" of their properties?

Providing a list of things to do in the local area is really helpful, and I'd also recommend updating bed linens and cushions every few years to keep things current. Extra touches like a coffee maker and DVD player are always appreciated, too.

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