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A surfing lesson for vacation rental managers

In this digital era where peoples lives are more mobile than ever before, everything has just become a click away. In today’s blog we are going to give you vacation rental managers a digital lesson in surfing! When done right, QR codes (quick response codes) is an effective way to catch the wave, enjoy the ride and land successfully. Some vacation rental businesses make the classic mistake of directing potential guests to the homepage of their website. So what does your homepage tell you? Does your guest have to click on more links to find out what they want? Below you will find two ideas for vacation rental managers to use towards a successful QR code campaign.



Using video is one of the best ways to engage an audience and show off your properties! Video will allow your guests to see and immerse themselves first hand in the property you have on offer. Its features and how much fun they can have with family and friends.  When making a video get people involved. As well as filming your beautiful property the key is to get the guest to imagine themselves in your property! Make it super friendly and take some fun clips by the pool, the sauna and the living room!

See the digital wave today!

qrcodeYour availability page

Take them directly to your availability page! Whilst you have the guest engaged and interested. As you may know from experience planning a vacation can be stressful and a lot of hassle. Making your potential guests life easier will help you gain bookings! Remember a QR code can be scanned from anywhere, anytime and all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.  Maybe you even have an offer consumers cannot refuse! Directing consumers straight to your availability page can help you boost bookings and fill up your availability calendar.  

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So there you have it, another way to get holiday makers to stay in your property this season! If you want to start feeling more creative using QR codes then why not check out our blog on using Facebook for vacation rental managers.

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