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You know it’s time to give your Facebook page a Facelift when…

You are not seeing the benefit of using Facebook for your vacation rental business? Why are consumers not engaging with you. When you have beautiful properties awaiting their arrival! Don’t let your potential guest take a one way ticket to your competitor. Facebook has the biggest market share when it comes to the world of social media. When used effectively it can help your vacation rental business increase bookings.

We all do it, like, share and comment but have you ever stopped and thought what is grabbing your attention? At Kigo we like seeing vacation rental managers fill up their calendars. So here are our top tips on the types of creative posts you can use on Facebook. So now you can let the world start liking, sharing and commenting about your vacation rental business!

1. Add the wow factor using photos

A picture on Facebook is the difference between your potential guest stopping and viewing your post. Or continuing to scroll down their news feed. Pictures are colourful, bright and visually appealing. Thus making it the simplest way of getting someone's attention.

Like, share and comment if you are planning a getaway this year!
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Tip: When using Facebook always use the best pictures you have of the properties you are advertising. If you don’t have the best pictures now is the time to go and take them! Always add your logo on the top right hand corner of the images you post. This will personalize your photo. When you start receiving likes, shares and comments your brand is getting maximum exposure.

2. Show off your facilities using photo captions  

Photo captions is a fun way of getting your consumer to engage and interact with your brand. It is as simple as uploading a photo and asking them what the caption is. People will always feel more engaged with your posts if it is something they can relate to. If you can adapt your posts to your target audience you will build an active relationship. Existing guests could become loyal and you can also get new likes leading to increased sales.

Help us caption this photo of two spontaneous kids! Share your best captions in the comments below.



Tip: When advertising your property remember it is more than a room you are selling, it is an experience. What features does this property consist of? for example if your property has a swimming pool take a picture and upload it on Facebook. Treat the features of your property like it is the room itself. Always have some fun pictures of people using your facilities to implement in your social media strategy.

3. Become the guest and give them useful tips

Simplicity can be a vacation rental marketing guru if you choose the right words for your Facebook post. Become an online concierge to your audience. Give them tips as this adds value to your consumers making them more likely to react. Think about what you do before your vacation, do you have a long list of items to buy? Why not remind them of the essentials! Here is an example Facebook post you can use:

‘Don't forget to pack your sun cream it’s very sunny here in Spain!’

It is always important to remember that when using Facebook. You are interacting with your guest or potential guest in their leisure time. Thus they don’t want to see companies trying to sell to them. Take an indirect approach this will still give your brand exposure.

4. Reminiscing about the good times; ask your guest to fill in the blanks

Fill-in-the-blank posts is a fantastic way to get your existing audience to remember their previous vacations. Especially if they have used your vacation rental properties when they went on  vacation! It essentially puts your brand on the forefront of any future considerations on where to stay when they are planning another vacation. These types of posts normally attract short comments  encouraging your audience to react and interact. Below is an example of the type of post you can use for a vacation rental business:

My best memory last year was when I was staying at ………… and we ………….

Tip: When using these types of posts always try and promote your vacation rental property and the destination your property is located in. As this will get your audience to talk about your property. Also mentioning all the great things you can do within the destination your properties are located in. Remember before choosing a place to stay your consumer is thinking about what destination to visit and why. Facebook gives you the opportunity to give them a reason as well as a property to stay in!

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