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How to be a vacation rental captain!

We all enjoy a cruise ship vacation with the beautiful views of the sea, nice food, entertainment and the great memories with your family and friends. Whatever size the vessel you're abroad the captain will always have a challenge ahead. Much like you vacation rental managers working within the vacation rental industry. So today we are going to take a few lessons from a cruise ship captain and sail into a voyage of success!

Steering the boat

Before sailing into the sea checking you have enough fuel is one of the most important duties! Having enough is just as important as saving fuel, a captain of a cruise ship spends weeks if not months on the ship. Staying on the route will allow the captain to save fuel, be cost effective as well as environmentally friendly. Ask yourself,  how often do you have to update your availability calendar? When do you respond to guest queries? and are your booking confirmations sent promptly? Saving time for vacation rental managers is key to remain competitive in the vacation rental business. A organised and efficient reservation system will keep your business in the position it needs to be in.

The storm after the calm

Life at sea is not always still! The waves do get bumpy and you need to be able to overcome the storm. A cruise ship captain needs to prepare for every possible situation for the safety of his guests and to reassure that the guests chose the right holiday package! Recognizing how to get maximum exposure for your properties is key.  Where you advertise your properties is vital to increase bookings and fill up your availability calendars during peak and off-peak seasons. Remember your properties will appeal to different audiences. Always ensure you are getting your message across to the right consumers.

Enjoy the sunset and sunrise

Watching the sunset and sunrise is one of nature’s most beautiful sights, it doesn’t take much effort to see how breathtaking it is to experience. Everything suddenly is easy and simple and you are enjoying the moment. For the guests of the cruise ship captain, this is a unique experience. A captain is able to deliver such experience to guests by being offshore.  Your vacation rental website is important to increase your bookings. A user-friendly, attractive and mobile responsive website will win your guests over your competitors. So here it is, your blog on how to be a vacation rental captain from the team at Kigo.

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