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Extend Your Vacation Rental Marketing with Pinterest

85 percent of Pinterest users are female, a demographic usually credited with making vacation destination decisions for families.

Previous articles in the Vacation Rental Social Media Marketing Series featured Instagram and Snapchat. Today, we turn the spotlight on another social media platform you may not have considered, namely, Pinterest.

Are you using Pinterest to market your vacation rentals?

Why Pinterest is a Big Deal for Vacation Rental Marketing

Pinterest has over 100 million active users, known as pinners. Pinners maintain boards to display their items, their interests, and whatever they wish to share with the community.

Why should you care? Many travelers use Pinterest to select a destination, and that a whopping 87 percent of pinners say they have purchased something because of Pinterest.

The average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes on the site every month. Add to that the fact that, according to Cision, the household income of half of Pinterest users is $50,000 or greater per year, with 10 percent of Pinterest-using households making greater than $125,000, and the picture of the average Pinterest user becomes even more attractive to vacation rental marketers.

How to Market Vacation Rentals on Pinterest

Once you decide to market your vacation rental properties on Pinterest, how do you execute a strategy?

It's important to know that when Pinterest users search vacation destinations on the site, they are usually early in the decision-making process. They are looking for vacation inspiration.

Show images of your location, attractions, tidbits, and tips in addition to photos of your properties. Get your properties in front of potential guests to influence the decision early on, and then drive traffic to your website where viewers can search your properties and availability.

Driving Leads from Pinterest to Your Vacation Rental Website

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Making the Most of Marketing Opportunities with Kigo

Pinterest is just one of the many lead-generating opportunities in your vacation rental marketing arsenal. Using social media channels, vacation rental listing portals, and even offline marketing linking back to your vacation rental website can fill your calendar with bookings.

How will you keep up with the increase in bookings? Manage your bookings from all sources using the Kigo vacation rental reservation system.

Get Even More Vacation Rental Marketing Tips

Did you enjoy these marketing tips? Here's the good news. You can get even more great vacation rental marketing tips and news by using Kigo's free vacation rental marketing resources today!pixel

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