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A virtual smoothie especially blended for vacation rental managers!

What could be a better start to your day than a refreshing, healthy, ice cold glass of delicious fruit smoothies. It even helps towards your recommended five a day! So why not, you won’t run out of choices! In today’s blog we thought we should put together a virtual smoothie that will help you boost bookings for your vacation rental business.


Get ready to shake things up!

Fruits have their seasons throughout the year, regardless of this you can always blend a smoothie to your taste. So the question is how often do you have to update your availability calendar? When do you respond to guest queries? and are your booking confirmations sent promptly? This should all be tied in together in your vacation rental business giving you the right mix to a seamlessly smooth process. If you have a organised and efficient reservation system, you can assure yourself that no sour grapes will get mixed into your smoothie!

Adding all the ingredients

Blending fruits that go well together certainly compliments your tastebuds. So how do you prefer your smoothies, sweet with bananas, pears and vanilla or would you go fruitier like a pomegranate punch. Knowing where to advertise your properties is essential to attract the right guests. As the different properties you have will be appealing to different types of audiences i.e. family, groups or individuals. If you advertise your properties in the right place you will fill up your availability calendars quicker!

Don’t forget the finishing touches!

Marshmallows, almonds or more fruit! What do you like as the finishing touch to your sweet treat. As well as your back office responsibilities. How you present your vacation rental website matters! Having a user friendly, attractive and mobile responsive website will either win you or lose you that all important booking! Make sure your website is working just as hard as you to win bookings! So here it is your very own delightful virtual smoothie to save you time, money and staying organised getting you ahead of the competition in the vacation rental business.

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