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How Canguro Gives Guests an Exceptional Experience in the Palm of their Hand

For Canguro, rolling out Kigo’s mobile portal about a year ago was the finishing touch of an eight-year process to create better visibility and alignment in their vacation rental business. The company was on a quest to manage vacation property listings with precision and create the ultimate guest experience.

In 2010, Canguro began using Kigo Marketplace software and slowly built a comprehensive platform to keep pace as business grew. Canguro installed the mobile portal in Kigo Marketplace that enables the Italy-based vacation rental company to complete the total guest experience with a personal touch.

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Guglielmo Scarpa, the company’s CEO and founder, has noticed that the application gives clients a better sense of security when booking his properties. Once a guest agrees to stay, the app goes to work and provides everything necessary to know about the apartment – right at the fingertips. From the address of the building to Wi-Fi passwords, Kigo allows Scarpa to customize the experience for each one of his properties so that he can deliver an exceptional guest experience.

It works so well, Scarpa says, that he can almost set it and forget it. Everything is automatic from booking to arrival, leaving his guests happy and secure knowing everything is under control.

“As soon as the client books through the app, they have all the necessary information from the most basic (such as contact phone number and the day of arrival, or address of the property) up to more detailed things (such as Wi-Fi)," he said...“It’s very customizable.”

Reaching out to world’s mobile users

Scarpa took the leap into managing short-term and longer-term rental properties eight years ago with Kigo as a preferred platform. A big benefit, he says, is having the entire rental experience in front of him so he can effectively manage inventory.

About that time, the world became dependent on mobile phones. That year, a TIME Mobility Poll noted that 84 percent of people world-wide couldn’t go a single day without their mobile phone. That trend hasn’t slowed. By the end of this year, nearly 4.6 billion people are expected to be mobile phone users across the globe, up from 4.43 billion last year, based on estimates by Statista.

It was just a matter of time before Scarpa could complete the Kigo experience and reach global travelers on their mobile devices.

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Putting an exclamation point on the guest experience

Kigo Guest Experience technology ensures that guests get the attention and information they need, even if Scarpa can’t always be in front of them. That’s worth its weight in gold.

“It works so well that I practically don’t need to interact with the guest unless there is some emergency or a rare case...everything is automatic, from the moment of the booking up to the arrival at the house.”

Kigo Guest Experience has multiple functions that allow guests and property managers to stay in contact. The technology is capable of sending greetings, travel details, updates and more within a mobile portal in Kigo Marketplace. It provides guests with the convenience and security they want and gives property managers the ability to up-sell, extend stays and provide first-rate online hospitality.

For more information, watch Scarpa's full video.

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