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How Secures More Business with Kigo

Think of a trip to France and Paris and the Eiffel Tower naturally come to mind. South of the city, however, is Lyon- a unique travel destination that has a certain je ne sais quoi.

The country’s third-largest city, Lyon, is filled with history, food and culture, and blends the Renaissance with contemporary architecture. The Musée des Confluences − with its modern fusion of steel and glass − stands bold at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Fine restaurants, local bouchons, falafel and donut shops and tea rooms and coffee shops stimulate taste buds.

But because Lyon is far from the country’s most well-known tourist destination the city has to work a little harder to catch the attention of travelers. The destination has to stand out when travelers search online for their next vacation spot.

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Standing out in the world of OTA's

Jean-Philippe Ramé, General Manager of, relies upon a strong channel management platform so travelers can see what his company and Lyon have to offer. employs Kigo Channel Manager, which integrates with some of the largest online travel agencies (OTAs) in the vacation and short-term rental industry.

“The channel manager feature is very important for me since the majority of my bookings come from OTA's... from all these major platforms,” Ramé said. “Therefore, connecting Kigo with all these channels is critical since seeking a customer in Japan, in the United States, in Australia or in Canada is something that, because of my geographic location, in Lyon is practically impossible.”’s calling card is in-depth knowledge on the location it serves. The agency specializes in providing guests inside information on the best attractions and leisure activities, top restaurants, nightlife and shopping venues. Staff offers personalized recommendations and service to ensure a memorable experience.

Without a way to reach the millions who travel annually, wouldn’t be able to fit the right travelers with the right accommodations.

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Sending the message of comfort, independence, a real home’s macro-knowledge of the destinations it serves is not just a marketing concept drawn on paper but something personal to Ramé.

During his childhood, his family moved from city to city while has dad flew Army airplanes. Ramé had to quickly learn how to get around his home city. Ultimately, understanding a city – how it was built, where to go – gave Ramé expert knowledge that helps travelers experience the most in the city they are staying in. applies that expertise to drive top-tier selections for short and medium stays.

The typical guest is a holiday traveler or business professional looking for an alternative to standardized hotels. proposes to provide comfort, independence, a real “home.”

Apartments are carefully selected according to a charter of quality and standing and have all the necessary equipment (internet, kitchen, linens, etc.) to ensure the best possible stay.

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Maximizing exposure in the largest marketplaces

Like the accommodations, Lyon is a unique travel destination, blending the Renaissance with modern architecture anytime of the year.

Perched high, hidden behind greenery, the many terraces in the city provide the perfect spot for travelers to bask in the summer sun for a drink or bit to eat. For four days each December, the city becomes aglow during the Festival of Lights, a celebration that started to celebrate the inauguration of the golden statue of the Virgin Mary and has become an international event.

In a city with so much to offer, depends on Kigo Channel Manager to reach travelers from all corners of the world. The Channel Manager is the channel hub of Kigo Marketplace that enables connecting to vacation rental listing portals serving millions of worldwide travelers. Among the ways that the software helps increase bookings is by keeping calendars updated and synchronized across third-party websites and portals.

The solution maximizes property exposure in the largest marketplaces in the world and keeps rental rates competitive across portals.

“This connection makes my business feasible, achievable,” Ramé said. “And it is a tool, today, that is absolutely essential in my search for customers.”

For more insights, watch Ramé's full video.

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