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Vacation Rental Marketing: Guest Blogging


Content creation can be a time consuming task in terms of writing the article and promoting it. One possible way to help you with this task, is Guest Blogging. Guest blogging is a mutually beneficial way of two websites writing blog articles for one another’s websites. Website A will write a relevant (non-sales focused) article for Website B, the article will include a link to Website A and both websites promote the blog article on their social media sites. In return Website B does the same for Website A.

Through guest blogging, both websites have their content promoted to a new audience and have a source of new content for their own website visitors.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities:

Guest blogging can work wonders when you do it right. You want to make sure you write content (and receive content) on websites that are relevant to your vacation rental website:

Popular Travel Blogs

If you are managing a vacation rental agency in Paris, you would want to look for relevant websites whose target audience is travellers who would like to visit Paris. Simply perform a Google search for “Paris travel blogs” and build a list of websites that you would like to guest post for.

Search Engines

Another great way to find a guest post opportunity is to search Google and Bing for links that include guest posts relevant to your website. Simply search ["guest post" vacation rentals] or [“guest post” travelling tips Paris].



The #1 social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a great source for finding industry professionals who write articles targeted to travellers. Also it might seem counter-intuitive, you can partner with vacation rental managers who are not competing in your geographic location. For example if you manage vacation rental in London, you can guest post on a vacation rental agency that operates in Florida.

Search for vacation rental groups for bloggers who post their content, or create a discussion asking for guest bloggers.

Kigo Backend

Kigo’s vacation rental software offers a Channel Management feature that holds a database of vacation rental agencies around the world, so that you can promote your properties on other websites. This database is also a great source for finding guest bloggers. Simply go through Kigo’s channel management database, and filter out websites that have blogs. You will be able to contact the website manager about possible guest blogging opportunities.

Create a “Become a Guest Blogger Page”

A lot of guest bloggers search for guest blogging opportunities on search engines. Create a simple page that let’s visitors know you allow guests posts, the rules around the content you would like other’s to write about, and a simple form that visitors can fill out if they are interested in guest blogging on your website.

Guest blogging is a great source of inbound links and content diversity. Although it may initially take time to find websites for guest blogging, once you build a relationship with a few websites, you can reap the benefits of guest blogging.

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