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Vacation Rental Website SEO Success Story

Today more than ever, visibility in search engine results pages is essential for any business.
In fact, it is often said that whatever doesn’t appear on Google’s first results page might as well not exist for the client. This is especially relevant in the vacation rental industry, where the vast majority of bookings are carried out online. It’s therefore important to make sure your website is optimized to ensure you appear as close to that coveted first position as possible.

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However, good SEO practice is a delicate business. SEO strategies must be carried out carefully over a long period of time to guarantee sustainable results. In the world of SEO there is no quick fix, and in fact poorly-managed SEO plans can be detrimental to your page’s ranking.

That’s where Kigo steps in. Our SEO package means you won’t need to worry about SEO – we do the work for you. Kigo’s SEO package starts out with a comprehensive audit of your site, which allows us to see what works for your page and what could be improved. After that, you can choose to continue with our package, which involves a monthly plan to improve your position in search engine results and a monthly report to keep you updated with the progress.

Kigo’s SEO package is based on high quality SEO techniques that are sustainable in the long term and bring quality traffic to your website, looking at the web structure, content, links, domain and keywords. What’s more, we are specialists not just in SEO but in the vacation rental industry, meaning we have the expertise to deal with your business. We have worked and continue to work with many satisfied customers. Amsterdam Book Now is just one of our many success stories.

Amsterdam is a rental agency based in the Dutch capital with over 60 apartments, houseboats and bed and breakfasts. By carefully analysing the website and implementing an SEO strategy, we were able to:

  • Improve the site’s metadata
  • Correctly position keywords
  • Restructure the main pages
  • Create new landing pages

The result? Amsterdam Book Now moved from 100th position in Google (in other words, invisible to the user) to number 7, on the first page.

Our other success stories include FG Property Management, Hitrental and Luxury Apartments Stockholm.

If you would like more information about Kigo’s SEO services, click here.

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