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How to Get Press Exposure For Vacation Rentals

When marketing your vacation rental, gaining press exposure can be a valuable tool. A print article on your property or a mention on a vacation rental blog can do your booking leads a world of good. It’ll help put your vacation rental on the map when holiday bookers are browsing the internet and clarify credibility. Press exposure doesn’t have to be expensive either, with a well thought out media plan and some industry research, you can create appealing content around your vacation rental to reach out to media platforms and in turn, your guests!
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There are many ways in which you can gain press exposure for your vacation rental and use news outlets to your advantage; from elaborate PR campaigns to newsworthy press releases. Good publicity to your vacation rental will put your property on the radar so that you stand out above your competition.

If you're unsure on how to get press exposure for your vacation rental, we have put together some ideas to get you started:

Subscribe to HARO

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a popular publicity service that connects reporters looking for sources and individuals who want to provide reporters with a newsworthy source for additional exposure.Receive completely free daily emails packed with PR opportunities in the shape of industry-based source requests from reporters all around the world.

If a source request pops up in your email box that is relevant to your vacation rental business, you can respond directly to the reporter in the hope of them choosing to feature your property. HARO gives you easy access to 1000s of contacts in the vacation rental industry and press exposure opportunities that would be difficult to accumulate alone.

Write and Submit a Press Release

A crucial part of gaining press exposure for your vacation rental is the ability to write a PR. The objective of PR writing is to grab the reporters attention and urge them to create content around your vacation rental. Creating a press release is a great marketing investment and if executed effectively can get you high press exposure. There are many useful websites to submit your press releases so that you can increase traffic to your vacation rental website and visibility. PRWeb for example is a great service which uses SEO to push your press releases to the foreground and has the power to distribute your news to more than 250,000 subscribers.

Build a Press Release List

Creating a press release distribution list is an excellent organization practice where you can keep all of your vacation rental industry contacts in one place. When building a database containing your potential press opportunities define the contact by company name, publication type, contact details etc. and make sure you update any activity e.g. when you have approached a contact or succeeded in publishing your press release. A press release list is the ultimate resource for owners; it will enable you to keep track of your progress and build professional relationships. Remember, it is important not to send out your press release to loads of reporters at the same time; it will depersonalize your relationship with them and reduce chances of being written about.

If you are short on time Vacation Rental Marketing Blog sells a list of journalist contact information that is relevant to the vacation rental industry.

Reach Out to Travel Journalists

A great way to achieve press coverage is to reach out to travel journalists and offer them a free stay at your vacation rental property. Guests value reviews, especially those that are by professionals so it is important to pull out all the stops and create a positive experience for the reporter. That way, the journalist can effectively communicate an un-biased review of your vacation rental and entice vacationers to book your property.

We hope we have given you some useful ideas to get you started with generating press exposure for your vacation rental property. Please feel free to share this post and share any of your ideas/experiences in the comment box below:

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