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Channel Management with a Twist: Increase Your Bookings with Inter-Agency Advertising

Marketers are known to have an insatiable appetite towards finding and consuming as many advertising opportunities as possible. As long as there is a sufficient budget to work with, each penny spent is an investment towards more bookings. Many vacation rental marketers are familiar with the typical advertising avenues, from SEO to advertising on portals, but many are missing out on a booking gold-pot: inter-agency advertising.

What Is Inter-Agency Advertising?

Inter-agency advertising is an integrated part of Channel Manager which is pioneered by Kigo. It enables vacation rental agencies within Kigo’s network to connect with each-other to promote each-other’s properties. The aim is to provide a mutually beneficial partnerships where both parties increase both bookings and revenues.

How Does Inter-Agency Advertising Work?

Kigo inter-agency advertising feature

Inter-Country Packages: A vacation rental agency, let’s call them Home Sweet California (HSC), logs into the Kigo back-end. Once in the Channel Manager section, they will have access to a list of hundreds of agencies who are part of the Kigo network. These agencies are based all around the world and the majority of them have an independent website.

Within Kigo, HSC is able to directly connect with the property managers from different countries where they want to create a rental package for guests (a vacation package of USA-Mexico-Panama). Through Kigo, HSC partners with 2 other agencies, and all 3 vacation rental agencies create a package for guests, where they can book a tri-city rental package.

Local Advertising: HSC also wants to grow its local presence within California. During the summer season they are fully booked, but have difficulty filling in their spring season.  HSC finds two other vacation rental agencies in California through Kigo, and partners with them so that when HSC is fully booked they can feature the properties of the other agency on their website. During the spring seasons, they can promote their own properties on other agencies’ websites for increased exposure.

What Are the Benefits of Inter-Agency Advertising?

The advantages of using inter-agency advertising are two-folded: increased profits and increased bookings. With Kigo’s inter-agency advertising you will be able to:

  • Increase exposure by having your properties on other agency’s websites
  • Ability to create creative vacation rental packages
  • Never have unavailable properties by promoting other properties during your busy-season
  • Make a profit with commissions for 3rd party properties being booked through your agency’s website
  • Fill last-minute openings by promoting your property on other agency’s websites
  • SEO: Inbound links from other agencies to your website

For vacation rental agencies who are looking at increasing their marketing agency, we definitely recommend giving inter-agency advertising a try. Aside from the increased revenue and bookings, it is a tremendous networking opportunity.

Have you used inter-agency advertising to promote your vacation rental agency? Do you have any success stories or advice for us? Join the conversation by commenting below:

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