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Vacation Rental SEO Tips: How to Research & Select SEO Keywords

One of the key points for succeeding in SEO is selecting the right keywords to be placed on your vacation rental webpages. Users who are looking for vacation rentals in a particular city, search for properties using a wide array of keywords from “Holiday lettings in London” to “Vacation Rental apartments in London”. What a user searches differs based on their location, the language they use and the extent they know industry jargon.

Google Keyword Search Example

In order to capture as many search inquiries as possible, you will need to ensure that your website pops up for a set of keywords that will bring you the most traffic.

Keyword Research

Different keywords have different values in terms of the amount of traffic they bring into a website, and the number of other websites that are also competing for those keywords. “Vacation Rentals in London” is searched 9,900 times a month and a lot of websites are competing to show up on the first page when a user types in this enquiry. Keyword research allows you to determine the value of keywords and allows you to choose which keywords you will utilize in your vacation rental SEO strategy.

Building a keyword set

First thing first, you will need to build a set of keywords. Below is our suggestions to help you build the keyword set:

Step 1- Build Your Own Keyword List: Create an excel sheet and write down all the keyword combinations you think users will search when looking for properties in your area such as “Vacation Rentals in London”, “Holiday Lettings in London”, “Short-term rentals in London” etc.

Ask friends, family and colleagues what words they would use to search for a vacation rental in your area and add it to your excel sheet

Step 2- Google Similar Searches:  Search each of your keywords in Google to see similar search inquiries Google provides. To do so, search for “Vacation Rental in Barcelona” in Google and at the bottom of the page you will see “Searches related to vacation rental in Barcelona” with a set of keywords that are similar to your original inquiry. If you find relevant keywords, add them to your keyword set.

Google Similar Search Example

Step 3 – Google Keyword Tool: Google provides a free Keywords Tool that allows you to search for the global monthly searches, local searches (country specific), and competition of a particular keyword or keyword set.

We suggest you place the excel list you created in step 1 and 2 into the Word or Phrase box (one search enquiry per line) and press search:

Google Keyword Tool Search Example

Make sure the tab that opens up is “Keywords ideas” instead of “Ad group ideas (beta)”. The first set of rows under “Search Terms” will show you the competition and search numbers of the keywords that you placed in the box “word or phrase”. Underneath “Keyword Ideas” is a row of keywords that Google thinks are similar to your search term. Go through this list and add the relevant keywords to your excel sheet.

Google Keyword Result Example

Now you have a set of keywords that you can filter by search size and relevance. Continuously add new keywords to this excel sheet. Next week we will look into how to correctly filter your keywords, and how to use them in your webpages. To make sure you do not miss out on next week’s important vacation rental SEO tutorial by signing up for our marketing blog newsletter on the left-hand toolbar.

As always feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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