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The Six Most Effective Apps for Vacation Rental Managers

Stay connected; Stay organised.

From emails and social media to a good old-fashioned phone call, there are so many ways to communicate now. As a Vacation Rental manager people are going to expect you to be connected and on top of things at all times. Managing your business from your office with Kigo is one thing, but maintaining this when you have to travel can be so much more difficult. Your phone will often be the first tool you look to, for more than just communication.

Thankfully, gone are the days when a mobile phone resembled a grey house brick with a big rubber breadstick of an aerial sat atop it. They are sleek and portable, and what's more, they can do so much more for your business than just make calls. Check our list of the best apps for you to download that will help you manage your vacation rentals from wherever you are.


Old and new phone


Keep track of all your tasks and ideas with the best note taking app available. Set reminders, use the voice recording feature and save images straight from the web. Evernote will save everything to the cloud so you can access from anywhere you are connected. Say goodbye to notes taped on the fridge.
Save and share all your files in one easy-access cloud drive. With up to 2 GB of space available on the free version there really is nothing to lose with this app. Dropbox works across numerous devices so you will never be caught out when you need an important document or file.

The clearest Task Management tool available at the moment. Organise the things you need to take care of in an elegant and easy to use program. Input your To-Do list and Things will notify you when they are due to be completed. It can be used for small everyday jobs like watering the plants to bigger projects like planning your next property.

Between guests and employees, meeting numerous people is unavoidable. They all have different things to say and all use different devices and services to reach you. This app lets you connect to people over whatever service you choose. Every contact you have will be linked to their phone number, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more. So you will be able to greet guests, stay in touch and choose the right response for any occasion.

Having to describe your listings, update your social media and write your site’s blog. There is a surprising amount of writing involved in running vacation rentals. Use Hemingway to make everything you write clear and readable. This app highlights long and difficult sentences and even rates the overall readability.

As well as producing your own content, you need to stay up date with what others in the industry are saying. Pocket allows you to store these things for later across all your devices. So if you see an interesting article but don’t have time to read it, you can store it in Pocket then come back to it when you have the time.

These will help you keep your day to day business in order. Use the resources available to make your job easier and see if Kigo can help you with the bigger parts of managing and expanding your operation.


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