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Keyless Entry Locks for Vacation Rental Properties?

Or a Bad Idea For Vacation Rentals?

Not having keys to your property has one obvious advantage. Your guests can arrive at any time, and enter your property without you ever having to be there. Untimely flights, delayed transfers are not a problem. You can simply text your guests your code and allow them to enter as they please. You save time and give your guests flexibility. They are also modern, effective and can help you to run your business in a leaner, more time effective way.

So is a keyless entry system the best option for a vacation rental property? Or is it an unnecessary example of technology for technology’s sake? Will a code-based lock really benefit your business? We’re going to run through the pros and cons of having a keyless entry system for your vacation rental properties to give you the best information before you make any changes to your properties.

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A keyless entry system means your guests can have peace of mind, knowing that they are not at risk of missing their check-in if they are delayed or stop anywhere on their way. You’re allowing your guests to set their own pace for their trip and not have to rush or worry about being at a foreign property at a certain time. You also reduce your working time, not having to meet or lock up after guests at inconvenient times. You will not have to turn away bookings that arrive at 4am. Just give them the code and you can welcome them properly the next day.

If you do decide to use a keyless entry system, phone contact is important. If you’re not going to be there to check your guests in, you will need to have a way for your guests to contact you. They may need directions, have questions regarding your property so you will still need to be available when they are arriving. You also don’t have to worry about lost keys, or not having enough sets for a large group with different schedules. You simply text the code to your guest and allow them to check-in at their convenience. There will be no worries about losing the keys on a beach trip or night out. Letting your guests check in and relax without having to coordinate with you is a way to save time and allows your business to eventually take more bookings as you speed up every transaction and transition.

However, whilst they can seem like a safer option, some users are worried about the security and the practicality of abandoning keys. Some travellers may not want to have to remember a code, and an out-of-battery phone can be as debilitating as a lost set of keys if that’s where you store the code. The problem is that keyless entry systems are not completely flawless and may not suit all of your guests. This is why not every vacation rental business sees this options as a simple way to save time.

Malfunctions or dead batteries are a potential problem. If your sophisticated lock goes wrong, is the local locksmith going to be able to come and repair it? Another one of the major arguments regarding keyless entry is that the more people you share you code with, the more at risk you are. Changing your code frequently is an important part of having a keyless entry system and needs to be organised with your staff.

Ditching the keys and going with an electronic lock certainly has advantages for a vacation rental manager. You free up more time and give your guests freedom, but, they are not without their drawbacks. When it comes to security and safety there is no simple solution that will ever allow to completely relax. Keyless systems are suited for businesses with widespread properties and guests arriving frequently. They will allow your guests to enter and to get settled whilst giving you the time to arrange to meet them and welcome them at a more convenient time.

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