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Using promotions to increase bookings #2 is a vacation rental treat!

How do you stand out from the competition and increase your bookings to fill up those availability calendars! With so many choices how are you making your vacation rental properties more appealing to your audience? Today we are talking incentives and promotions that you can use to increase bookings for your vacation rental business.

Giving your audience an incentive will most certainly capture their attention. Once you have their attention your offering should be strong enough to make them want to book with your vacation rental business. Competing on price is an all time classic. However the beauty of being within the vacation rental industry is that if a potential guest really likes your property, then they will have your property on their mind! In this blog you will find three ideas that will help you increase your bookings!


1.Book 7 days and get 2 days on us

A week is always a nice getaway but a week is never enough! So why not give them 2 nights free, what a great way to make your guests feel valuable. When your guest is planning a vacation of course it is going to cost them and the individuals who are going with them. As well as booking nice accommodation the cost is always an influencer in the decision making process! By offering two nights free you will still get your vacation rental booked for seven nights paid. Seven nights you may not have otherwise got filled up!

So don’t be shy to give away freebies as it will only benefit your vacation rental business. It is also up to you when you want to offer this. There are various types of occasions when you can offer this type of discount. You may have a last minute cancellation and you want to get your property booked up, or the weather isn’t nice where your vacation rental property is located. Whatever your reason this type of offering can help you get your availability calendars filled up.

2.Book today and check in early and check out late

This type of offering is probably a luxury treat for your vacation rental guests! Never underestimate the power of such a simple incentive. Checking in early after a long journey is a great feeling as having to wait around to check in can be a frustrating. Ironically it's very similar when you are checking out. Your guests may want to make the most of their last night on their vacation! so giving your guests that little bit of extra time in the morning will make them appreciate your service more than you think!

3.Book today and pay later

If you want to increase bookings in advanced then this option is suited for your vacation rental business. By allowing them to book and pay in installments you will have your guests commitment. It will get you that all important booking over a competitor and help your customer make up their mind quicker.

It will also make your vacation rental business flexible to your audiences. Your target audience may have been saving for their vacation for months. So if they could pay in small amounts it could be a more appealing offering.

Tip: When using these types of promotions don’t forget to have specific terms and conditions in place for your vacation rental business such as a cancellation policy.

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