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4 Scary things that could happen at your vacation rental and how to avoid it

It’s always nice seeing your availability calendars fill up. However how do you know if your guests that have booked in will behave accordingly, after all they are on vacation! Moreover, how do you know if you are living up to their expectations? keeping them satisfied and happy. Today we are talking four  things you want to avoid happening at your vacation rental property.


Property damage

So you have decided to rent your holiday home or you are entering the vacation rental market. You have invested your time and money to make your property attractive. Ready for holiday makers to rent and enjoy with their friends and family. If every guest damaged your property this would cost you a lot of time and money. Occasionally you are bound to attract and have a spontaneous and misbehaved guest book into your property.

Always ensure your guest is aware of the terms and conditions before booking your vacation rental property. When they check in your property ensure they are given a reminder of the rules in their welcome package and a security deposit is paid. This can be done in many ways including asking your guest to accept the terms and conditions before booking your property and taking a deposit online in advanced which can be refunded after check out.

Not receiving payment

Receiving payment before the guests arrival is always important. To avoid negative conversations there afterwards. As the last thing you want to do is upset your guest after they have had such a great vacation at your property. This could potentially lead to bad word of mouth for your vacation rental brand. We all know word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and it is key to avoid.

So how do you avoid a potential disaster happening at your vacation rental property? Having an online payment system in place will help you avoid this situation. Additionally to this it will also help you increase your bookings as it will allow your vacation rental business to be more flexible,  cater towards your guest needs for the ever growing mobile world.

Double bookings

That awkward moment when two sets of families are trying to check in the same property. No vacation rental manager wants this to happen! It’s probably one of the worst things that could happen as it instantly makes your guest unhappy. Before their vacation has even started! It’s a classic occurrence and it has happened within the industry but ensure it’s not your vacation rental business!

Having an effective booking calendar and reservation system is the solution to this vacation rental nightmare ever happening to you. Have an automated system in place. It will save all the hassle of managing your bookings, reservations and check in and out dates manually. Not only will you be able to manage all of this from one central system it will save you time and money!

Bad reviews

Reviews are great for vacation rental businesses and it can definitely help you get more bookings. However a negative review can be just as impactful to your vacation rental business but not in the way you want it to! If you are a regular follower of Kigo blogs you may recall our blog on how to get more referrals and reviews . This is a nice creative way to encourage positive reviews and a positive guest experience.

Alongside this, ensuring your guests journey is stress free by making their check in/out processes seamless and making sure their property amenities are in good condition will make your guests stay pleasant. Remember it is always the simple things that make their stay memorable!

Keep your eyes peeled for our blogs as we will be investigating more hazards vacation rental managers could face and how to deal with it!

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