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3 Ways to reward your loyal vacation rental guests and increase bookings

It’s always nice to have regular guests who use your vacation rental business to book their accommodation for their vacations time and time again. It shows your guests are happy with the service you’re providing as well as the properties you have on offer.

Whilst you have your vacation rental guest happy and satisfied. It's always a good idea to have a loyalty scheme in place to keep them loyal on the longer term. This will also allow you to thank your guests and show your appreciation. Today we are going to give you three ideas to keep your guests from not being snatched away by your competitors!


Exclusive or members only discounts

Guest loyalty is a give and take relationship! if you want your guests loyalty be prepared to give them something special occasionally. Your guests want to feel special and if you can make them feel special then you will gain their loyalty no matter what your competitors offer! You want your guest to feel like using your competitor is a high risk decision.

Why not offer your regular guests a membership they can sign up to so you can send special exclusive members only discounts. This will encourage loyalty as they will get an additional discount every time they use your vacation rental business.

Reward points

The more you book the more points you will receive. This programme will allow your customer to collect specific amount of points. When they have reached the required number of points they will receive a reward. This is the most common way to encourage loyalty, you may even be a point collector yourself for your local supermarket!

This can be applied to your vacation rental business. As a vacation rental business you could offer a free stay for one night as a reward at one of your beautiful vacation rental properties. Other types of offers include you can encourage further bookings by offering 2 nights free if they book a weekend to stay.


You can offer gifts to your regular guests and the best thing about offering gifts is that you can surprise them. For example you will know when they will be checking into one of your properties so why not have their gift ready for them at the property. Now wouldn’t that be a great way to start their vacation.

The types of gifts offered doesn’t have to be costly to your vacation rental business. It can simply be a bottle of wine, a hamper with a mixture of goodies, branded stationary or maybe even tickets to a tourist attraction.

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