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Three Secrets to Vacation Rental Marketing Success

The peak vacation rental season for many regions is approaching, and travelers are online, searching for the perfect getaways. With so many rental options available, it’s important that property owners and managers take steps to stand out in their vacation rental marketing efforts.

Here are three secrets to success:

1. Next-level property listings

Because photos are the most telling element of a vacation listing, it’s important that images capture the essence of a property. Photos with inadequate lighting, low resolution or lackluster angles can be an immediate deterrent for potential guests. For these reasons, hiring a professional photographer can be highly cost effective, especially if you plan on reusing the photos throughout the life of the rental.

Prospective guests are equally responsive to headlines. Clear titles that not only detail the property, but also invite the reader in, perform best. Create a sense of place with a descriptive adjective or noun. Do you have a 3-Bedroom Near Town… or a Centrally Located 3-Bedroom Oasis? An honest, interesting headline is an easy way to separate your listing from the competition.

You’ve successfully prompted a guest to click your listing – now what? Be sure your content captivates, but steers clear of buzzwords. After all, they’re buzzy because everyone’s using them. What makes your property special? Consider highlighting key rental features with subtitles, and offering more detailed descriptions in short, easily consumable paragraphs.

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2. Effective digital marketing

Even the most rockstar of vacation rental listings can fall flat without proper digital marketing.  A few, simple steps can help elevate your listing’s visibility.

Not all content can be king, as search engines assign value to – and rank – content.  When posting the listings across multiples channels, avoid cannibalizing the value of your own content by adding variation to the listing text. There’s no need to rewrite the entire listing – just replace language where it’s easy and natural to do so. A vacation rental channel management tool makes this easy.

Direct digital marketing can also be effective. Social media is an excellent tool for reaching a specific audience. Create simple, interesting posts that link directly to your listing. To increase post visibility, incorporate relevant hashtags – an industry topic or the rental location. Having a social media presence allows you to engage with prospects. It also means renters can tag your company in vacation posts. That’s free, valuable promotion.

3. A powerful vacation rental website

A prospect has arrived at your website. Are you ready for them? As with any interaction, companies only have one chance to make a meaningful first impression.

Above all, a vacation rental website should be user-friendly. To capture and keep an audience, the website should be easily navigable, have the functionality to showcase specific properties, feature hassle-free booking and be optimized for mobile devices. A recent StatCounter report found that more than 50 percent of all Internet usage occurs on mobile. Those potential customers are glossing over vacation rental websites that are difficult to navigate on a phone.

Kigo vacation rental websites offer professional layouts with stress-free navigation and practical functionality, along with simple set-up and customization.

Implementing the right strategies and tools will position your business for success during peak season. For more information on how Kigo can help, schedule a free demo today!

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