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What The Right Reservation System Can Do For Your Business!

One of the biggest challenges vacation rental business face in their quest to expand is making sure that their reservation system can keep up with the speed of their expansion. Even the addition of just 2 or 3 more properties can overwhelm a homemade system, leading to double bookings, unconfirmed reservations and missed opportunities.

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Today we’re discussing the ways in which the right reservation system can streamline your business and even turn more enquiries into bookings.

To do this, we’re going to run through the lifecycle of a potential enquiry using Kigo’s reservation system.

    • First, an enquiry comes into your inbox, asking for the availability of a certain property between certain dates. With no system in place, you will have to respond to this manually, and check the information for your property on every portal it is listed on. If this email comes in at a time when you can’t respond there is a good chance your potential guest will look somewhere else before you have the chance. Enquiries that are responded to within one hour have a conversion rate four times higher than those responded to after two hours. Quick responses get more bookings.
    • With Kigo’s reservation system, the email will be responded to instantly, and populated with the availability information. If the property is unavailable then alternative locations will be suggested.
    • The email will also contain a payment link that your guests can click and confirm their booking, using your preferred payment gateway and various currencies.
    • Once the booking is confirmed it will appear in your reservation calendar and the availability will be updated across every portal that your property is listed on meaning your properties will never be double-booked and saving you the tiresome task of updating each one manually every time you receive a booking.
    • You can then filter through your reservations to find information as and when you need it. Every booking will be recorded and filed in a secure database that you can filter through to find specific, historic data in just a matter of clicks.
    • Every time an email comes in, your system can send automated email responses to enquiries from guests instantly, and with current, accurate information. It gives your guests everything they will need to go from looking to booking.

The real advantages of a state of the art reservation system is the time it will save you, whilst reducing the impact of human error. Updating every single portal every time a booking comes in is just not a sustainable way to operate a growing business. A reservation system takes this problem away, meaning less time spent managing your business and fewer problems or errors as more bookings come in. It is the best way for you to manage a growing business and ensure it keeps growing by converting a higher percentage of enquiries into bookings.

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