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5 Types of VR Guests Every Property Manager Knows

Whilst you can never fit all of your guests into categories, as a property manager there will be certain types of guest that you will see over and over again. Once you've been in the business for long enough, you will able to spot them from their telltale signs before they even arrive.


We’ve compiled a short guide to knowing the type of guest that is going to be staying in your property, and how best to deal with them. This won’t cover every single guest that you will experience as a property manager, but we bet that you can recognise many of your guests from this list!

The Party Animal
This is the guest that many property managers dread before getting started in the business. The sort of guest with no regard for your property or the peace and quiet of your neighbours. TVs out of the windows and a Rolls Royce driven into the swimming pool. Thankfully, these cases are rare and most people just want to enjoy their time on holiday. Clinking bags of duty-free and a piqued interest in the local nightlife are generally a good way to spot these guests.

How to Manage them:

A signed rental agreement with clear and easy rules is all you really need here. You want your guests to have the best time possible so being clear and upfront is the best way to avoid damage and disgruntled neighbours. Just let them know any restrictions you have on noise or security and you’ll likely see the wild image of the party animal guest that you have was exaggerated.

The Complainer
Whilst testing at times, the sort of guest that can be demanding is a good way to improve your business. They will be sure to let you know any areas that could use even modest improvements and will expect you to rectify anything they notice. These guests are usually foreshadowed by a lengthy email exchange with various questions and requests. Certainly hard work, a guest that has lots of suggestions and needs should be treated as a chance to demonstrate your service, attention detail and an opportunity to convert an exacting guest into a repeat customer.

How to Manage them:

Be available for their requests and tell them if there are times that you will be unavailable. If the problem is truly serious you will need to attend to it as soon as possible. Often, the response to the complaint is more important than the initial problem. These guests want to see that you are available and on hand to deal with any issue and that their questions are being listened to. These guests will often be the ones that are concerned about using vacation rental services as opposed to other forms of accommodation. One good experience can be enough to convert them.

The Business Traveller

Generally equipped with briefcase, laptop and suit, business travellers will mostly want a trip that is as simple and stress-free as possible. They will be under pressure and have limited time to get around so will need everything to be as easy and accurate as possible.The first thing to ensure will be a powerful WIFI connection, and an alternative in case of a connection emergency.

How to Manage them:

Be accurate with your times and descriptions. Business travellers are often only staying for short periods of time and have one specific meeting, conference or event to attend. If they are late, or delayed by inaccurate timing from you then it is a good way to ensure that you will not receive another booking from them. Keep a list of important information such as local taxi numbers, airport transfers and local services to hand. Business travellers have less time and luxury of choice when it comes to these things so well run local contacts will be invaluable.

The Reviewer
This can often be the most dangerous guest of them all. Instead of coming to you with any problems as and when they arise, they will save them up and post them in a scathing review. They can be spotted as the guests that are frequently checking their phone and having reviewed plenty of other properties in a less than favourable light. They mention things you never even knew about, let alone had chance to amend.

How to Manage them:

Treat fair requests as you would any other and do what you can to accommodate their needs. Proactively ask them if there is anything you can do to help or improve their stay. A lot of people feel uncomfortable mentioning problems face to face so if you can find out any issues for yourself, you can fix them before being criticised in a review.

But finally, don’t be held hostage by the review - manage your property as you see fit and if there are any complaints in the review you can respond to them in a professional and measured way.

The Unicorn

The Rarest Guest of them all. This is the guest that loves your property, asks nothing of you and posts a very positive review. You only see them at the handover and they leave the apartment in perfect condition. The only downside is that it can breed complacency as you assume your business model has become perfect.

How to Manage them:

Never assume just because there were no complaints or requests that things could not have been even better. A quick call or email mid way through the stay will show you are available and attentive without disrupting their privacy.

Let us know your experiences with any of these types of guests and if there are any others that you often see.

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