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Naming Your Property and Website URL

Deciding the name of your vacation rental property should be a well thought out process. You don’t want to blend into the holiday home letting crowd with a standard property name such as Beach Rental in Thailand, but then equally you don’t want to create an extremely unique property name that doesn’t hold great SEO. The challenge is to find the middle ground; come up with a name that truly represents your property, and in turn, get the most out of your vacation rental website.

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The name of your vacation rental property can distinguish you from other holiday homes in your area. It helps to form a brand identity even before your website has been clicked on. Lookers will take you seriously if your property name holds a high standard of quality whilst exerting an appealing vacation experience.

To help you overcome the hurdle of naming your property and website URL, we have come up with some ideas for you to consider during the naming process:

An SEO Focused Name

Ultimately the aim for marketing your vacation rental website is to appear on the first page of Google.
Choose a name that includes the location of your property and accommodation type, that way you will increase the chances of your vacation rental appearing high in search results. Vacation lookers tend to already know what location they wish to holiday in so if your URL contains a specific location, your website is more likely to appear their search results.

Be Descriptive

Use your creativity and come up with a name that will make a lasting impression on your guests. Think carefully about your brand identity and what kind of experience your vacation rental offers. For example, a name like Koh Samui Beach Retreat is specific and gives the looker more of an idea about the property than something like Thai Island Apartment. Create familiarity around your vacation rental so that it is easy for guests to find your property online and refer to friends.

Communicate Your Vacation Rental’s Theme

If the theme of your vacation rental is relaxation, make sure your property name and website URL indicates exactly that. Setting the theme of your vacation rental will ensure that your search listing directs guests that are specifically searching for what you have to offer. Put yourself in the position of a renter and think about what would attract you to a listing and play around with variations of your vacation rental theme.

Make Your Name Easy to Remember

The biggest challenge you’ll come across when naming your vacation rental property and website URL is keeping it short and uncomplicated. Refrain from including any numbers, hyphens and characters that are easily forgotten when your guest wants to search for you again. Keep your name short and descriptive and easy to spell to increase chances of being referred; ‘Happy-Go-Lucky Costa Brava Beach Apartments 4 You :)’ is a big no-no.
We hope we have given you some useful ideas to think about when naming your vacation rental property and website URL. Please feel free to share this post and share any of your ideas in the comment box below:

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