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Make Your Booking Process 3x Faster

Ease and Convenience Without Compromise

Instant booking is a contentious point. Some owners love it, others see it as blasting open the doors to their properties to every poisonous corner of the Internet. But, whether you opt for instant booking or not, it’s a universal truth that a quick and simple booking process is going to result in more enquiries ending in bookings. People don’t want to wait when it comes to booking. They are worried their dream destination will be snapped up before they have a chance to confirm. Having a set time and clear system for your bookings will reassure your guests that they won’t be waiting around for hours for a confirmation email that never comes.

Today, we’re discussing a method to make your booking process three times faster, without having to rely on instant booking.


If you want to resist instant booking, let your guests know that your booking process is quick and simple. Instant booking is becoming ubiquitous, sites such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor making no secret that it aims to have all its properties available for instant booking as soon as possible. Guests expect it. So if you can advertise that you can confirm bookings within a set time, guests will still be inclined to book. One of the biggest annoyances for holiday bookers is having to delay one step of the process to wait for questions to be responded to. Booking a holiday is a relay, in which the next steps can only be confirmed once the step before has been confirmed.

Here are some of the tools you use to confirm bookings in just a matter of minutes with compromising your security:

Automated emails If your answers are prepared and ready to go, your guest can get all the information they require to book in a matter of minutes. Hanging around, waiting for availability information is all time that your guests can spend searching for other properties. Accurate property and availability information will be sent in response to your guest’s questions as soon as they enter their dates. You can then add as many templates as you require, to send your rental agreements, other documents or specific information about your property.

Pricing As well as availability, the price is one of the most important factors in deciding a booking. Send accurate and final pricing in response the initial enquiry, including all taxes and charges for the total stay. This means your guests will have one less question to ask and will be one step closer to booking after just one email.

Using ESignature will then allow you to send and sign rental agreements between you and your guests. These don’t involve any downloading or signing in and uses the technology of Docusign. This means your guests can confirm their bookings with the security of a signed agreement in just a matter of clicks. Sending, printing, signing and faxing documents is a time-consuming process that involves technology that not every guest has.

Mobile Responsive Sites mean that guests can book on the go. If your site and your booking are not mobile responsive it’s hard to imagine more than a handful of guests waiting until they get home to book your properties. They will most likely move on to the next site where booking on a mobile is a possibility. Having a mobile responsive website means that there will be no gap between a decision to book, and then having the ability to book.

These are just some of the ways you can speed up your booking process and ensure your safety without compromising any control.

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