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Instagram – The Ultimate Vacation Inspiration Destination

Utilizing the Power Instagram With None Of the Effort

When hearing about the latest and greatest network for vacation rental promotion, it can be easy to think, ‘Not another account!’. Taking on another social media account can be a big undertaking for a small business. It is more than just creating the account and uploading a few images. To get any real results from social media, it has to be nurtured and constantly fed. You can only ever get out what you put in, and the sad truth is that not every vacation rental business has the time to devote to properly cultivate another account like Instagram.

As part of our research into this potential market for property managers, we saw numerous accounts that had been created for vacation rental businesses but never properly used. It shows us that property managers understand having an Instagram presence can be a great marketing resource, but just do not have the time to build the account enough to make it effective.

A floating, dead account can have a disastrous effect on your business. Should a potential guest search for your business and see an account that has not been updated in months, it makes it seem like the business is rudderless and ungoverned as well. You may have a bustling Facebook or Twitter presence, but what guest will take the time to check? Guests will move onto the next business on Instagram and forget yours in an instant.

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Instagram is a new way to market. It shuns specific information like dates and properties. It sells a lifestyle and a dream. For younger people, looking for vacation rental properties, social media has taken over as the primary tool to search and discover properties and inspiration. Accounts featuring properties have gathered thousands of followers. Lifestyle accounts, bloggers have all found popularity on Instagram and vacation rentals have the opportunity to use this visual medium to show off the individuality of their properties.

These images build anticipation and excitement. There’s something so much more exciting and engaging about scrolling through images of the best properties you can imagine than entering calendar dates, filtering by amenities and scrolling through lists. Instagram sells vacation rentals as they should be, dream destinations that allow people to live a different life for a week or two. The admin and reality of booking, comparing and checking insurance and currency rates comes later. Instagram promotion gives guests the ideas and the impetus to choose to stay in a vacation rental property rather than other types of accommodation.

Instagram is where your guests will fall in love with your properties, your website is where they will go to book. We wanted to help our clients capture this avenue of marketing without having to devote time to managing the account. We created a dedicated account to feature vacation rental properties.

@TravelRentals has been created to feature the very best images of your properties.

This means you can have an active presence on Instagram without having to manage the account and add to your workload. Follow our account, or simply send us images and we will post them to our growing number of followers.

It is an account built by property owners, for guests to view properties. Every image will mention the business that it comes from. So, follow us today and send us your images to be featured on our account and generate more bookings from guests looking for vacation inspiration.

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