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Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Use YouTube

What Can YouTube Do for Vacation Rental Marketing?

YouTube has proven to be an effective marketing platform for those in the hotelier and tourism industries, including vacation rental marketing. It provides an excellent tool for connecting with clients, widening your visibility, and increasing lead generation.

Vacation Rental Marketing How to Use YouTube

Videos are more enticing and compelling than photographs

YouTube is Growing in Popularity

Many top-name travel companies are utilizing YouTube to promote their business, and it's becoming an increasingly popular platform for both travel agencies and tourists. Emirates utilizes YouTube to display bird-eye views, landings, and flight interiors as a means of showcasing their luxurious accommodations to travelers. Garnering 4,775,490 views per month, their efforts have been highly effective. With so many travel channels available on YouTube, tourists flock to YouTube in search of the best hotels and the hottest travel destinations. For rental agencies and hoteliers, a YouTube travel channel can provide you with a competitive edge in the industry.

Video Tours Provide Conscious Consumers with More Information

A variety of hoteliers and rental agencies rely on YouTube to showcase their rooms and provide virtual tours to the public. Given so many vacation and travel businesses provide virtual tours, those that only offer pictures will fail to capture the interest of clients. Prior to investing in travel accommodations, your guests want a full tour of the property, and video tours provide potential clients with the insights they need to make an informed decision.

Videos Encourage Action

According to the data from YouTube, travel-related content has been receiving more views, increasing 118 percent year over year (YoY). The views and searches are increasing because more travelers are utilizing videos to help them make their travel decisions. With the interactive experience that a video provides, travelers can gain a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of each rental, allowing them to choose a vacation rental in an ideal location, that meets their expectations. For rental agencies, this can considerably increase the lead generation from your marketing budget, allowing you to attract more clients for less money.

YouTube Provides a Famous Platform

While rental agencies could simply post videos to their personal website, YouTube will likely create more leads. YouTube has one billion active users every month, providing a high-traffic platform to generate views. With an SEO-friendly search engine, rental agencies can gain much more publicity for their videos than they could through their personal site.

Vacation Rental Marketing How to Use YouTube

More tourists are relying on YouTube for travel advice than ever before.

It's Easy to Do

Some vacation rental agencies avoid videos, due to the fear that they are overly complicated or costly to produce. However, the video needn't be a masterpiece. A simple video tour of the properties you offer, or a slideshow of local attractions, is enough to pique interest in your listings and encourage people to act.

Use YouTube to Increase Your Leads

People aren't only interested in the rental space, but also in the location. While your videos should highlight the amenities included with the rental, it should also include clips of local attractions, restaurants, and shopping, so you can sell people on the rental and the location simultaneously. End each video with a call to action that prompts readers to visit your website, call your office, or make a reservation.

YouTube is growing in popularity among travel and vacation rental agencies, and this is solely due to market demand. People are more eager than ever to explore travel destinations and accommodations via video, and competitive companies need to cater to this trend. YouTube videos are easy and low-cost to produce, while having the ability to reach a diverse array of new customers and significantly enhance lead generation. Download the eBook, How to Use Social Media to Increase Leads to learn more about the benefits of social media marketing.

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