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Today in Vacay: Technology, Food and Travel Trends

We created the Today in Vacay series to keep readers up-to-date on the rapidly changing trends and updates impacting the vacation rental space. This edition focuses on tourism technology, food, and American travel trends.

Here’s what’s happening Today in Vacay:

The secret sauce of success

What do the world’s most innovative tourism entrepreneurs do that makes them so successful? That’s what scientists at the University of Surrey wanted to find out in their just-released study. You won’t be surprised that hard work and initiative are important factors. But you might be surprised just how much of a role new technology plays. The research showed that many tourism industry businesses are behind the times when it comes to using technology. The entrepreneurs took advantage of this, using their technological knowledge to attract more customers. The other side of the coin was getting customers to use the new technology, like apps that provided services. They found that free trials helped solve customer resistance.

Are you up to speed on vacation rental technology? The time to advance your marketing is now, before the market gets crowded with businesses that make tech an integral part of their repertoire. You can find the latest vacation rental management software, tools and more at

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Americans pick their destinations with their tummies

When Americans pick their vacation spots, they do it in good taste. Literally. A landmark study of their vacation travel preferences discovered that nearly two-thirds of Americans would hop on a flight to try a great restaurant. According to OpenTable’s Chief Dining Officer, Caroline Potter, “Americans are redefining their travel bucket lists not by where they want to go, but by what they want to eat.”

Are your properties in Paris, Barcelona or New Orleans? Then you’re already on Americans’ gastronomic go-to list. Even if you’re not, you should be teaming up with the best restaurants in your area and co-marketing your offerings on your and their websites. Imagine what photos of delicious dishes can do to make your vacation properties an irresistible choice. Find out more about creating websites that can boost your bookings. Go to our kigo website services page.

Americans are traveling more

Americans are known for not using up all their vacation time—the result of their “always on” work culture—but that’s changing, according to an article on the U.S. Travel Association website. In fact, it’s changing a lot! They quote the numbers from Project Time Off’s State of American Vacation 2017 report. Americans added almost one extra day to the number of vacation days they took in 2016 vs. 2015. And that follows an increase in 2014. The upward trend is great news for vacation property managers in the USA. You can take advantage of the extra business by adjusting your marketing plans starting today. Kigo software can help you hit your new booking targets. Check out everything we offer at

It’s worth reading, but so is saving $2950

MMGY Global’s 2017 Portrait of American Travelers is just out. Their 27th annual issue is chock full of fascinating information about your customers. The thing is, it costs $2950. Definitely worth reading. Or, you could get a nice summary of the info online. The upshot is that moderate growth in the number of Americans traveling in 2018 is predicted, except for Millennial families, who indicated they would be traveling 32% more!!! We can’t vouch for the numbers, but we can say that you should take a look at Millennial families as you plan your marketing.

Stay tuned for more vacation rental news updates from Today in Vacay!

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