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How to make your vacation rental appealing to the family market

Do you have properties available catered for family vacations? If so how are you targeting your family market? Is your vacation rental property appealing enough for families to choose your vacation rental over your competitors? In today's blog we are going to give you three ideas on how to make your vacation rental more attractive to the family market.

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Make your guests feel like it’s a second home

Your vacation rental is not a hotel, it is there for customers who want more than just a room with a bed. So make them feel at home! As well your wonderful facilities go that extra mile and make you vacation rental somewhere your guests want to spend time in with their family.

There are many things you can add to your vacation rental home feel welcoming and not an empty building. Leave a variety of books available to to your guests, family friendly movies or board games. This will not only boost the level of your service but also cater for unexpected bad weather!

Local dining options

What cuisine does your local area serve? More importantly what are the best dining options for your guest? What if your local area doesn’t serve the cuisine your guests are interested in? Where can they get what they want?  Are there takeaway options available?  Doing the research on your local area where your vacation rental property is located is really important. Making sure that this information is available to your guest will save a lot of time.

Include this information in your vacation rental welcome package include details of the restaurants like phone numbers, address, opening hours,  copies of the menu,  directions to get to the restaurant, whether the restaurant has a kids play area etc . Always ensure the restaurants you recommend to your guests have a good reputation within the local area. If your guest uses a restaurant recommended by your vacation rental business and they have a negative experience it not only ruins there vacation but makes them remember the bad experience whilst staying at your vacation rental.

Tourist attractions

This is the fun part! What are the must see landmarks in your vacation rental area? Are there any hidden destinations you don’t want your guests to miss out on? What attractions and  family friendly activities are in your local area? This is why families go on vacation to have fun, create some memories, take some pictures to look back on so make sure you reccomend the best experience available in the local and surrounding area.

Value is something families look for as it can be costly for families to go on a vacation, they could have been saving for this vacation for months and they have chosen your vacation rental property. Why not get in touch with you local attractions that will cost your guests more money and get your guests a discount, after all you are advertising them by recommending their attraction.

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