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How to – Email Templates for Vacation Rental Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful tools a vacation rental manager can utilize to communicate with potential guests. Not only is it unharmful to your marketing budget, it is the quickest way to respond to guest inquiries.
vacation rental email templates
Inquiry response times impact heavily on a holiday goers decision to make a booking. Being able to respond to customers in a timely manner will deter potential guests from looking elsewhere.

If you're not sure how email templates can help your vacation rental business, here are 3 ways you can use them to increase booking chances:

Instantly respond to inquiries

If there are many properties, responding to booking inquiries instantly is almost impossible for a busy vacation rental manager. Setting up a pre-made email template to be sent out as soon as an inquiry is received will let the potential guest know that you are aware of their requests. This will streamline the booking process and reduce chances of the traveler looking elsewhere for a property.

Tip: Use email templates that allow you to add variables to your e-mails that can be automatically replaced by things like the property name, contact name, dates etc. when you decide to send them. This will humanize the emails and reassure the customer that the correct details have been sent.

Automate different email responses

Setting up different email responses will not only save a vacation rental manager time, it will help to deliver consistent customer service standards. Say for instance you receive a payment through your reservation system, an automated email confirming this payment and any required information will complete the whole booking process and give the guest peace of mind.

Tip: Use automated reminder emails to make sure that you never miss a payment or to send guests check-in/out information. This will help you to keep track of the whole reservation process whilst exerting credibility!

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Establish a connection with guests

Email is a great way to establish a connection with guests and opens up the opportunity to communicate with them again in the future. You can reconnect with any lost leads or past guests with an email marketing campaign, they are excellent for promoting last minute deals or special offers.

Tip: Use an email management tool like Mailchimp or Hubspot to create your campaign and track results. This will help you to get the most out of your emails!

We hope we have given some ideas on how to use email templates for a vacation rental business, do share with us any of your experiences using email for property properties in the comment box below:

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