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Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Create an Effective Email Campaign

Email is a key aspect of vacation rental marketing. From improving customer service efforts with email automation to connecting with prospective guests, it's important to have an effective email strategy in place.

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Here are five ideas to create an effective vacation rental marketing email campaign and increase bookings:

1. Automate email inquiries

It's key to respond in a timely manner when a booking inquiry is received, as you’re seven times more likely to qualify a lead when you respond to a prospect in less than an hour. This doesn't mean you have to be at your computer 24/7, though. Instead, automate email responses to make sure a guest gets the information they need and doesn't go elsewhere. Kigo vacation rental software makes this process effortless.

2. Use an email management tool

It's important for vacation rental managers to organize a database including a whole list of past and potential guests. With Kigo reservations and booking software, it's easy to keep track of it all and integrate personal data from the system into your emails. Update communications, build your brand using ready-made templates and create customer profiles. 

3. Test your email content

Do people want to open your emails, and when they do is the content actually interesting to the recipient? A great way to determine the success of your emails is through A/B testing.

Run A/B tests on your contact list for a variety of areas, including the subject line, send time, and headlines.  Once you receive your results, evaluate the performance and make adjustments accordingly. This will increase the chances of your beautifully crafted email being opened!

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4. Segment your email list

While you likely have a ton of email from people you want to reach out to, it's important to segment your email list into categories such as previous, potential and lost guests. This will help you create email content that is relevant to a specific audience. For example, if you have a special offer coming up, consider targeting previous guests to remind them of their stay at your property and encourage a repeat booking.

5. Keep track of the results

After all of your hard email campaign work, make sure to measure its success. Email marketing platforms like Hubspot or Mailchimp allow you to see what percentage of your emails were opened, whether any links inside the email were clicked, as well as who unsubscribed from your emails. When you go to create your next vacation rental marketing email campaign, you can learn from the last one's results.

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