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Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Create an Effective Email Campaign

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For any business, email has become a vital communication tool to help streamline the running of daily tasks.

For vacation rental managers, it is one of, if not the most important component in receiving bookings; from improving customer service efforts with email automation to connecting with customers through marketing campaigns.

To help shape an understanding of how powerful email really is, we're going to delve in deeper on how to create an effective email marketing campaign to increase vacation rental bookings.

Automate Email Inquiries

An excellent way to build a relationship with potential guests through email is to respond in a timely manner when a booking inquiry is received. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to be at your computer 24/7, set up auto-response emails to make sure a guest is answered and doesn't look elsewhere. Vacation rental software like Kigo helps you automate this part of the process.

Email automation will not only make a good first impression, when it comes to creating an email campaign, they will be familiar with your vacation rental business tone.

Use an Email Management Tool

Every time you receive a booking inquiry through your reservation system, you will also receive a contact email. It is important for vacation rental managers to organize a database including a whole list of past and potential guests. There are excellent email marketing platforms on the internet that will take care of managing any large lists.

Mailchimp for example is an online email marketing platform that will guide you through the whole campaign process. From designing the email with free templates to tracking its open rate, programs like Mailchimp make it a lot easier for vacation rental managers that are new to email marketing.

Test Your Email Content

It's all very well making your email look appealing with templates, but is the content actually interesting to the recipient? The best way to test this is to read the email out loud to check for typos and have friends or family proof-read the content and provide any feedback.

Additionally, it is really important to come up with an interesting subject line as that will be the first text your recipient will see. A clever way to test this is to run A/B testing on a small portion of your contact list before sending out the campaign to the rest.

Mailchimp allows you to send out the same email with two different subject lines and evaluates the most effective after a set time period. Based on its open-rate and clicks, the winning subject line will then be automatically sent to the rest of your chosen list. This little experiment is great because it will increase chances of your beautifully crafted email being opened!

Categorize Your Database

Say you have a big list of all the people that have shown interest in your vacation rental business, it is important to define their contact details into categories e.g. previous, potential and lost guests. That way, you can create email content that will directly target those categories. For instance if you have a special offer coming up, target previous guests to remind them of their stay at your property and encourage them to rebook. Remember to adapt your language to the audience you are targeting.

Keep Track of the Results

After all your hard email campaign work, make sure to measure its success. Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Hubspot allows you to see what percentage of your emails were opened, whether any links inside the email were clicked, as well as who unsubscribed from your emails. That way when you go to create your next vacation rental email marketing campaign, you can learn from the last one's results.

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