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How to Promote Your Vacation Rental Home

When it comes to vacation rental marketing, much of the focus is on promoting the actual property. If you're not already, it's time to look outside the box (home) and around at the location of your rental. For vacationers, where the vacation rental is located is an important attribute and quite often, the deciding factor of the booking process.

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Destination marketing is an excellent way for vacation rental managers to pad out a website with more content, boost SEO efforts and in turn, booking chances!

If you're a vacation rental manager wanting to promote your property's location but are not sure where to start, we have put together some destination marketing ideas that will help to boost website traffic:

A Page Dedicated to Your Vacation Rental Property Location

Creating a page on your vacation rental website dedicated to the property location is great for SEO reasons. For example if you have a holiday apartment by the sea in Brighton, UK, your page could delve into some of the city's attractions and show potential guests what type of holiday the destination will offer. Including specific keywords on the landing page will increase chances of your property being found in a search e.g. Stay in a Holiday Apartment in Brighton.

And if you have holiday rentals in more than one destination, create a page for each one! This will help to pad out your vacation rental website and improve credibility, plus it will work to keep potential guests on your website rather than looking for information on the location elsewhere. Also, remember to include lots of beautiful images as you do not want the website viewer to be put off by too much text.

List Local/National Events on Your Vacation Rental Website

Another idea for creating a webpage is to list any local or national events going on in the property area. This is also great for SEO efforts and increasing website traffic; it will boost chances of those searching for a particular event to arrive on your landing page and then explore your website further. Including any special deals to do with the event e.g. a music festival, will encourage engagement with the website visitor and work to fill booking calendars.

Blog About Your Vacation Rental Home Location

Blogging is an excellent and completely free marketing technique that vacation rental managers should be, but are often reluctant to embrace. For those stuck on blog content ideas, why not create posts around the property location. There are many ways you could do this e.g. top 10 lists, reviews on local events, feature recommended places to visit etc. That way, you can improve SEO and reach new website visitors, whilst providing existing guests with tips on where to go whilst staying at your vacation rental.

Link to Popular Film/ TV Shows

If a popular film or TV show was set near your property location, use it to your advantage when promoting your vacation rental. By doing so, you are more than likely to attract more website traffic from fans. An excellent example of how successful destination marketing can be, is when the Albuquerque tourism board used hugely successful TV show 'Breaking Bad' to promote the area's natural beauty. Since the show, Albuquerque, New Mexico has seen a rise in visitors.

Vacation Rental Websites are No Accident

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